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Wednesday, 22 August 2012
Page: 6024

The Senate divided. [10:43]

(The Acting Deputy President—Senator Crossin)

DIVISION:NOES 23 (12 majority) AYES 11 PAIRS 0
Di Natale, RHanson-Young, SC
Ludlam, SMadigan, JJ
Milne, CRhiannon, L
Siewert, R (teller)Waters, LJ
Whish-Wilson, PSWright, PL
Xenophon, N
Back, CJBrandis, GH
Cameron, DNColbeck, R
Cormann, MCrossin, P
Farrell, DFeeney, D
Furner, MLGallacher, AM
Ludwig, JWMarshall, GM
McEwen, AMcKenzie, B
McLucas, JPratt, LC
Singh, LMSmith, D
Stephens, UThistlethwaite, M
Thorp, LEUrquhart, AE
Williams, JR (teller)

Question negatived.

Original question agreed to.

Bill read a second time.