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Thursday, 5 December 2013
Page: 974

Senator WONG (South AustraliaLeader of the Opposition in the Senate) (13:57): I do have a question for the minister, and obviously this may need to be answered—

Senator Conroy: How can the ERC even meet if Cormann is not there?

Senator WONG: another time, but I would make the point that there is a great deal of detail already—

Senator Cormann interjecting

Senator Conroy interjecting

Senator WONG: in the budget papers—

Senator Conroy: So Paul Kelly was wrong?

The CHAIRMAN: Order, Senator Conroy!

Senator Conroy interjecting

The CHAIRMAN: Senator Conroy, your leader is on her feet.

Senator Conroy: I am sorry. My apologies to my leader.

Senator WONG: I will start again. I would make this point: there is a great deal of reporting already in the budget papers and in the monthly financial statements which the finance minister issues. The AOFM has a website—which is updated, from memory, weekly—which shows the debt on issue, including the Treasury bonds, indexed bonds, notes, other securities, and those aspects which are subject to the CIS Act, and also has recent tender results. So—leaving aside the climate reporting, and I want to come to that—I am struggling, Minister, to see what additional reporting, other than a statement to the parliament, the Greens have actually got for this deal.

Senator Sinodinos: Mr Chairman, on a point of order: I am happy to elaborate in greater detail later. There will be much greater detail around the composition of the debt, as a start, but I am willing to finalise that later.

The CHAIRMAN: Thank you, Senator Sinodinos.

Progress reported.