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Thursday, 14 March 2013
Page: 2174

Mr CRAIG KELLY (Hughes) (13:51): I rise to voice my support for the residents of the Georges Fair estate. This is a beautiful new family-friendly estate within the electorate of Hughes, adjacent to the Georges River and the New Brighton golf course. Over a thousand residents have already chosen Georges Fair as the place to raise their families, and this number is set to double in the years to come. However, this peaceful neighbourhood has come under attack due to a recent opening of Brickmakers Drive, a road that was designed to be a local road and has now turned into a rat run for heavy vehicles including prime movers and B-doubles. Although so-called traffic-calming devices have been installed, they are having little or no effect, with the heavy vehicles rampaging through the estate 24 hours a day.

These heavy trucks are creating noise and air pollution and present a significant danger. To make matters worse, next door there is a proposal to develop a recycling facility that will crush hundreds of thousands of tonnes of concrete and asphalt every year. The sheer size and scale of such an operation and its close proximity to residential housing is astounding and is completely unacceptable.

The heavy industrial development will add a further 324 truck movements a day to Brickmakers Drive, further exacerbating air and noise pollution. I urge the Liverpool Council to expedite the process of placing weight restrictions on Brickmakers Drive and continue to oppose the Moorebank recycling centre. (Time expired)