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Thursday, 14 February 2013
Page: 1561

Greek Consulates

(Question No. 1194)

Mr Simpkins asked the Minister representing the Minister for Foreign Affairs, in writing, on 10 September 2012:

Is the Minister aware of allegations that some Australian citizens have been passing information to the Greek Government via Greek consulates and the embassy, about the lawful protest and activist activities of Australian citizens of Macedonian descent, to assist in creating a black list which is then used to decline their entry to Greece on the basis of them being a threat to public policy or internal security, under the provisions of an I Category Refusal of Entry at the Border form; if so, what measures is the Minister taking to resolve this problem.

Dr Emerson: The following answer has been provided by the Minister for Foreign Affairs to the honourable member's question:

The Minister is not aware of such allegations. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is aware that the Greek government maintains a National Record of Undesirable Foreigners. As it is for Australia, it is the discretion of the Greek government to decide whom it allows to enter its territory.