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Tuesday, 14 February 2017
Page: 920

Mr WALLACE (Fisher) (13:50): I rise to speak about my continued commitment to reporting to the House what the people of Fisher have told me that they care about in my recent 11 listening posts conducted in the last week of January.

Dennis Hume from Glass House wants the government to continue to drive to roll out high-speed broadband through NBN to all Australians as quickly as possible. I am glad to say that we were able to work with Telstra to get him good news on his own connection.

Laurence Brumley is concerned about whether food labelling is clear enough. I was pleased to be able to tell him about the government's new 2016 food labelling laws.

Nick Byron from Battery Hill is a former PE teacher still passionately engaged in youth sport. He wanted to know, from his pushbike, about the government's strategy for encouraging physical activity. We are working with the minister to get him the most up-to-date information in this space.

Finally, Jim Davidson in Maleny believes rightly that MP's entitlements need to be addressed. I told him about my determination to run my own office like a small business, and I look forward to passing on the news about the government's recent strong action to establish the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority.

I am determined to be a federal member who listens. I thank the constituents I have mentioned today for their honesty and helpful feedback, and I thank the over 100 Fisher constituents who came to see me during my listening posts.