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Wednesday, 15 August 2012
Page: 8721

Carbon Pricing

Ms LEY (Farrer) (14:53): My question is to the Prime Minister. I refer the Prime Minister to the fact that the Silver City Cinema in Broken Hill, in my electorate of Farrer, has reduced the number of screenings from 30 to 15 a week because of a $4,200 increase in its power bill. Does the Prime Minister still believe that the lived experience of the carbon tax will save her from her broken promise that 'there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead'?

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: The Prime Minister has the call. The last part of the question was out of order.

Ms GILLARD (LalorPrime Minister) (14:54): I thank the member very much for her question. I am concerned about the 70 per cent price rise in electricity the people of New South Wales have suffered because of, largely, decisions made by the New South Wales government. I am concerned about that. The Leader of the Opposition says that that simply doesn't exist, that the 70 per cent price rises, before 1 July, somehow did not happen. I know that is the position of the Leader of the Opposition but I am surprised that an otherwise intelligent woman would fall for this nonsense. The member knows that she has just quoted a figure that is about electricity price rises from all sources. She knows that the people of New South Wales, and the businesses of New South Wales, have put up with a 70 per cent price increase over the last four years because of actions of the state government largely, because we have problems like dividend gouging, with dividends going to the state government of New South Wales going up by 60 per cent; a continual incentive to invest, and to keep investing, and over-investing, in the poles and wires, so those dividends just keep going up. The member who asked the question knows that. So if she is concerned—

Mrs Bronwyn Bishop: Madam Deputy Speaker, I raise a point of order. The Practicedescribes an answer to be relevant as one that maintains 'a link to the substance of the question'. The substance of this question was about the carbon tax—nothing else. Therefore, to be directly relevant to—

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: Order! The member for Mackellar will resume her seat. Up until the last point of her point of order she was actually in accordance with the standing orders. The Prime Minister has the call.

Ms GILLARD: The member who has just raised that point of order completely misunderstood the question and is going down the same deceit campaign we have seen in the past. I was just presented with an electricity figure with an increase from all sources, and I am pointing out that one of the big sources of electricity price rises that the business the member identifies is suffering has been caused by the government of New South Wales and has a lot to do with the dividends that are going into Premier O'Farrell's budget. So, if the member is in any way serious with her concern about this business, I suggest she rings her Liberal mate in New South Wales.