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Tuesday, 2 September 2014
Page: 9420

Ms MACKLIN (Jagajaga) (16:13): On a day that yet again sees this government break another promise—another filthy deal done by this government with the Palmer United Party to remind 2.3 million Australian pensioners what this government is doing to them—2.3 million pensioners understand that this government has betrayed them. One year ago exactly, this Prime Minister went to the National Press Club and said, yet again—he had said it many times—'there will be no changes to pensions'. Which one of you goes out into your electorate and owns up to your pensioners that your Prime Minister lied to them? Did you tell them, over there in Townsville? He is happy to go out there and tell his pensioners that the Prime Minister lied to them before the last election because that is exactly what he did.

Dr Hendy: Mr Deputy Speaker, I rise on a point of order. The member for Jagajaga is using unparliamentary terms with respect to the Prime Minister and I ask that she withdraw.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: I was in conversation with someone on my right. I did not hear them, but it would assist the chamber if the member for Jagajaga would withdraw those comments.

Ms MACKLIN: I withdraw, Mr Deputy Speaker. I know that in the seat of Eden-Monaro there are 2.3 million pensioners who live—

Mr Whiteley: 2.3 million in Eden-Monaro?

Ms MACKLIN: the 2.3 million pensioners in Australia, some of whom I met in Queanbeyan today. The member for Eden-Monaro should get out and talk to some of the pensioners he has betrayed and the Prime Minister has betrayed. I say to the pensioners in Eden-Monaro that the member for Eden-Monaro is sitting in here having a good old laugh today because he has betrayed them and the Prime Minister has betrayed each and every one of the pensioners in Eden-Monaro—and in Bass, in Herbert. You keep laughing when you face up to those pensioners in Townsville and tell the truth at the next election. Those pensioners are going to see a cut to their pension because of the way each and every one of you has voted in this House of Representatives. Each and every one of you will be held to account by all of us at the next election for the way in which you are cutting the pension. If you do not want to believe me, just believe your own Treasurer, who, last week admitted that by 2024 the amount the government will spend on the age pension will be $7 billion less than otherwise projected. What does that mean to Australian pensioners? We tried to ask the Prime Minister this question the other day but of course he refused to answer.

The Australian Council of Social Service has worked out exactly what it will mean to Australian pensioners. Over the next 10 years it will mean $80 a week less and the member for Eden-Monaro should have a chat with his pensioners in Queanbeyan because they know—and you can shake your head and act like you do not know—that you have betrayed them and they know that Tony Abbott has betrayed them. It will be exactly the same for the three stooges in Tasmania.

Mr Nikolic: Mr Deputy Speaker, I rise on a point of order. Regularly in this House members opposite are reminded to refer to people by their correct titles. That was an unparliamentary and offensive term and she should withdraw it.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: I would ask the member for Jagajaga to withdraw and also to refer through the chair not at the chair. It is a common mistake of many on both sides of the House.

Ms MACKLIN: The member for Bass has a lot of pensioners in his electorate and I am happy to withdraw calling him anything other than 'curly', but I say to the member for Bass that he has to face up to every single one of his pensioners and face up to the fact that— (Time expired)