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Wednesday, 26 March 2014
Page: 3266

Mr RIPOLL (Oxley) (17:54): I note that there is so much interest in this 'repeal day' stunt and the Omnibus Repeal Day (Autumn 2014) Bill 2014 and related bills. I turn to the galleries, and I look for just one face—just one face. But sadly, there is none. If I turn to the press gallery, sadly, there is none.

The SPEAKER: Perhaps I could ask the member at the dispatch box to address his remarks to the bill.

Mr RIPOLL: In relation to the three bills that are before the House today, can the parliamentary secretary explain to the House the proportion—that is, the percentage—and number of regulatory requirements for business and small business between local government, state government and the Commonwealth? And what proportion of those are we actually debating today?

Mr FRYDENBERG: Madam Speaker, just an issue of guidance here: is it right that members on our side are able to speak as part of this debate—

The SPEAKER: Of course.

Mr FRYDENBERG: And then I can then answer and sum up their questions?

The SPEAKER: You can choose to answer whenever you wish.

Mr FRYDENBERG: Okay. Then I will allow the member for Hindmarsh to speak.