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Wednesday, 26 March 2014
Page: 3200

Mr O'DOWD (Flynn) (13:40): I would like to say a few short words about the loss of a couple of large identities in the Emerald and Central Highlands region of Queensland—Mr Bob Ingram and Mr Doug Slack, who, sadly, passed away recently. Bob passed away on 14 March, only three months after turning 70. Doug Slack passed away on Thursday, 20 March, aged 74, a few weeks short of his 75th birthday. Central Highlands has lost two great identities. Both were prominent figures in the community and many in the region knew and loved them. Bob loved a good yarn. He contributed greatly to the cotton industry and worked tirelessly for the Emerald Show Society, which was his passion. Doug was a former councillor. A self-made man, he knew how to work hard and achieved so much. He had several businesses, mainly in the construction and gravel business and in the foundry business, in the region. I first met Doug in 1981, when I established my first business. Doug was very helpful and set me straight on running a business. Bob was then in the cotton industry.

Both Doug and Bob were wonderful family men. I extend my condolences to Bob's wife, Anne, his five children and their families; and to Doug's wife, Dawn, their children, Kathleen and Andrew, and their partners and families, and all those people in Emerald who will miss those two guys very, very much.