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Thursday, 27 June 2013
Page: 7244

Mr ABBOTT (WarringahLeader of the Opposition) (12:04): If I may, Madam Speaker, on indulgence, respond to the statement of the Prime Minister. First all, I congratulate the Prime Minister on returning to the high office which he formally occupied and which he has been dreaming of returning to for three long years and three long days. I also commiserate with the former Prime Minister on what happened to her last night. As the Prime Minister has just indicated, politics is a tough business, but sometimes it is far more brutal than it needs to be. Sometimes it is far less fair than it should be. The former Prime Minister should have been dealt with by the Australian people at an election and not by the faceless men in the caucus last night. If the former Prime Minister's achievements are as substantial as her replacement has just indicated he believes, why was she dragged down last night? That is the explanation that the Prime Minister owes us. He owes it to the Australian people—

The SPEAKER: I remind the Leader of the Opposition that he is speaking on the indulgence of the chair, and it is being tried.

Mr ABBOTT: Madam Speaker, this is a fraught moment in the life of our nation. A Prime Minister has been dragged down. Her replacement owes the Australian people and the Australian parliament an explanation. Frankly, he owes the Australian parliament an explanation at this time.

The SPEAKER: The Leader of the Opposition has other forms of the House if he wishes to pursue this—not on indulgence. The Leader of the Opposition he has the call.

Mr ABBOTT: Very briefly, on further indulgence, again I congratulate the Prime Minister on his restoration to high office. May he elevate that office, and he would best elevate that office by explaining the events of last night and by telling the Australian people when will they get the chance to decide who the Prime Minister of this country should be and who should form the government of this country. That is the question that should be before this House.