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Monday, 9 February 2015
Page: 240

Department of the Treasury: Staff Redundancy

(Question No. 273)

Dr Leigh asked the Treasurer, in writing, on 26 August 2014:

(1) What total number of Treasury staff were made involuntarily redundant as a result of the "spill and fill" process conducted in July and August 2014.(2) Were any of the staff deemed excess to his department's requirements (a) on maternity leave or other forms of approved departmental leave at the time of being made involuntarily redundant, if so, how many; and (b) graduate employees who had joined The Treasury in 2014, if so, how many.(3) What is the total combined cost of redundancy packages associated with these involuntary redundancies.

Mr Hockey: The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1) to (3) The majority of staff who were deemed excess as part of Treasury's recent redundancy process, have elected to take up the option of redeployment. While offers of redundancy have been made to these staff, the consideration period for redundancy ran concurrently with the redeployment period, which ran for eight weeks from 25 August 2014. Staff were not required to accept or decline the offer of redundancy until 24 October 2014. As at the time the question was asked, one employee deemed excess had accepted an offer of voluntary redundancy. Given issues of privacy and the potential to identify that individual, it would be inappropriate to provide details of that individual's redundancy package.