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Monday, 9 February 2015
Page: 59

Ms CHESTERS (Bendigo) (13:38): I too am concerned about petrol prices and the fact that in the bush, in regions like my own electorate of Bendigo, the petrol prices are not going down as quickly as they are in the city areas. On one particular day, the Bendigo Advertiser ran a report quoting that the price in the Prime Minister's electorate, in the heart of Sydney, was 99 cents. In my own electorate on that day it was $1.20. There is a difference between prices in the city and the country when it comes to petrol. But there is something that this government can do right now to help people in the bush. I call on the government, and all those people who have already spoken in this 90-second statement debate, to reduce the petrol tax.

This government increased the petrol tax. This government increased what people in the bush and in the city pay to this government in petrol tax. There is something really simple that the people opposite can do when it comes to petrol prices, and that is to stop increasing the fuel excise—what they take out of motorists' pockets. It is great to see them get up and campaign the ACCC. Why don't they campaign their own ministers on this issue and change what they did in the budget to people living in the country. Petrol prices are higher in the country; meaning we pay more in tax to this government through the petrol increases. If this government wants to do something for the bush then they should change their position on fuel excise.