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Monday, 26 November 2012
Page: 13362

National Critical Care and Trauma Centre

Debate resumed on the motion by Mrs Griggs:

That this House notes:

(1) that 12 October 2012 marks the tenth anniversary of the horrific Bali bombings, which killed 202 people, including 88 Australians, and injured a further 240 people, the majority suffering burn injuries;

(2) the significant contribution made by the Darwin and Perth hospitals in assisting Bali's Sanglah Hospital deal with the scale of the disaster, as many of the injured required specialist burn treatment which was not available in Bali;

(3) the establishment of the National Critical Care and Trauma Centre funded by the Australian Government which ensures Australia's capability to respond to disasters and major medical incidents in our region;

(4) the benefits to the Northern Territory community through the great work that the National Critical Care and Trauma Centre performs, including the ability to provide specialist trauma and disaster training to all Australian clinicians, particularly those who provide services to the Northern Territory;

(5) the ability of the National Critical Care and Trauma Centre to rapidly deploy highly skilled personnel to respond to incidents in the region, notably the involvement and provision of specialist expertise in the following international incidents, the:

(a) second Bali bombing;

(b) East Timor unrest;

(c) East Timor presidential assassination attempt;

(d) Ashmore Reef SIEV 36 incident; and

(e) Pakistan floods; and

(6) the bipartisan acknowledgment of the outstanding clinical and academic leadership the National Critical Care and Trauma Centre has in disaster and trauma care, and the importance for ongoing support and funding of this essential facility.