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Monday, 26 November 2012
Page: 13074

Christmas Island

To the Honourable The Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives

This petition of certain residents of the Territory of Christmas Island draws to the attention of the House:

That 63% of the Territory of Christmas Island is currently a National Park. The Commonwealth Department of Sustainability and Environment is seeking to introduce a Recovery Plan under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) over the whole Island. The scope of the proposed Recovery Plan is so broad that no further economic development activity will be possible on the Island on any land, irrespective of whether it is held by residents and corporations on freehold, leasehold or other tenures, without being in conflict with the Recovery Plan as it has been drafted. In accordance with the EPBC Act, once approved, the relevant Minister and the government have no discretion to approve any further development which may conflict with a Recovery Plan, irrespective of the social and economic benefits that would flow to the community from such developments.

We therefore ask the House to:

Direct the relevant Minister responsible for the Department to restrict the application of the proposed Recovery Plan outside the National Park to unallocated Crown Land that has not been designated for other purposes under the current Shire of Christmas Island Town Planning Scheme, Local Planning Strategy and the Crown Land Management Plan and exclude its operation from all land currently held by individuals and corporations by freehold, leasehold or other approved tenure.

from 293 citizens, 54 citizens and 61 citizens