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Thursday, 21 June 2012
Page: 7508

Mr SIMPKINS (Cowan) (15:09): I seek leave to make a personal explanation.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER ( Ms AE Burke ): Does the honourable member claim to have been misrepresented?


The DEPUTY SPEAKER: Please proceed.

Mr SIMPKINS: The Assistant Treasurer claimed earlier, during question time, that I had said in the debate on the Family Assistance and Other Legislation Amendment (Schoolkids Bonus Budget Measures) Bill 2012 that families would use their payments for whitegoods, TVs and drugs. I would like to either read what I said or table it.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: The member just needs to demonstrate where he has been misrepresented.

Mr SIMPKINS: I said:

They will receive that money and then, when the next bill comes in, that money will probably just flow out to pay for that. In a very small number of circumstances we may see a pick-up in whitegoods, TVs or, worse and hopefully in none or hardly any cases—

Which was not mentioned—

drugs and alcohol and other excesses and vices and things like that.

Opposition members interjecting

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: The member for Cowan has shown where he has been misrepresented.