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Thursday, 1 March 2012
Page: 2504

Report from Federation Chamber

Bill returned from Federation Chamber with amendment; certified copy of the bill and schedule of amendments presented.

Ordered that this bill be considered immediately.

Federation Chamber's amendments—

( Government AF224)

(1) Clause 2, page 3 (at the end of the table), add:

16. Schedule 9

The day this Act receives the Royal Assent.



(2) Schedule 4, item 1, page 38 (line 10), at the end of paragraph (b) of the definition of constable, add "or Territory".

(3) Page 73 (after line 18), at the end of the Bill, add:

Schedule 9—Re- appoin tment of Integrity Commissioner

Law Enforcement Integrity Commissioner Act 2006

1 Subsection 175(3)

Omit "5 years" (second occurring), substitute "7 years".

2 Application

The amendment made by item 1 of this Schedule applies in relation to a person appointed or re-appointed as the Law Enforcement Integrity Commissioner before, on or after the commencement of this item.

(Government BN232)

(1) Schedule 2, item 27, page 27 (lines 3 to 5), omit paragraph 59AB(1)(e), substitute:

(e) disclosing the ACC information:

   (i) would not prejudice the safety of a person, or prejudice the fair trial of a person who has been charged with an offence; and

   (ii) would not be contrary to a law of the Commonwealth, a State or a Territory that would otherwise apply.

(2) Schedule 2, item 27, page 28 (line 3), at the end of subsection 59AB(4), add:

; and (c) one or more conditions that the body corporate must meet in order to ensure that the information is not used or disclosed in a way that might prejudice the reputation of a person.