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Tuesday, 12 November 2013
Page: 28

Mr SHORTEN (MaribyrnongLeader of the Opposition) (17:27): I too, on behalf of the opposition, would like to extend my congratulations to the member for Maranoa and also to the member for McEwen. Without doubt, the member for Maranoa is very experienced. He served on the Speaker's panel in the 42nd Parliament. He was Second Deputy Speaker in the 43rd Parliament. He served as Deputy Speaker. I am pleased to also see that he is still in the parliament and that obviously his local members of the National Party had a great deal of confidence in him and reselected him—a choice I can understand. He is well respected across the parties. Member for Maranoa, we would also like you to please pass on our thanks to Joan for yet again lending you to this parliament to serve in this capacity.

As for my friend the member for McEwen, where do I start?

Honourable members interjecting

Mr SHORTEN: No, no, there is more. He has a more varied CV than most. Not only has he served in the state parliament of Victoria but he has been a mechanic—as we have heard. He has been a tow truck operator. He even was an apprentice bookmaker. I think this breadth of tasks and occupations will suit him as he deals with the disparate personalities in this House of Representatives. He has also served on the Speaker's panel, so he will do well. As with the member for Maranoa, I also ask the member for McEwen to please extend to Lisa too our gratitude that she has lent you to this parliament for this term. The opposition congratulates both.