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Monday, 13 February 2017
Page: 720

Mr LAMING (Bowman) (13:58): Those of us representing regional and outer metropolitan Australia know just how attached we can get to our freshwater dams. Leslie Harrison Dam at Brisbane, just 25 minutes from the CBD, is a shadow of its former self because the current Labor state government has a drifting plan for the repair of the dam's spillway gates. We are asking for a return of this dam to its former magnificence. Respect this dam. Have a plan for dams if you do not have a plan for trains. We are asking Queensland Labor to get in there, fix it up and give us a shot at using it as a recreational place, for fishing. Stock that dam. Allow non-motorised craft on there. It is part of the water grid but it plays a very significant role in the hearts of Redlanders. I have heard people over the weekend saying, 'Damn Brown made our dam brown,' referring to the local Labor MP. It is time he stood up for our community. Get those spillway gates repaired. Start prioritising this work. Do not leave us in limbo. The plan has dragged on forever. This is a state Labor government not looking after its own constituents, too worried about self-preservation, not planning for the water stability and water security we need. We need safe, secure, reliable water, and a dam of that size can be a perfect recreational site as well. Queensland Labor, get your act into gear.

The SPEAKER: In accordance with standing order 43, the time for members' statements has concluded.