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Monday, 13 February 2017
Page: 642

Federal commission against corruption

To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives

Request that all members of parliament start thinking about focusing on nation building projects in the interests of the nation and its long term future and not how the party can win the next election. If PM Gough Whitlam can do what he did for the nation in the 2yrs he had which changed the welfare and future of the nation, then Im sure this Government can do it aswell. Put aside your bickering and jostling for votes and think about the future of the nation. Your bickering (especially between the PM and Opposition leader) is childish to say the least.

We therefore ask the House to 1.Start building high speed rail: Sydney - Canberra first, Sydney to Newcastle second, Sydney - Wollongong third. NSW is the premier state in which the nation's capital is also located so HSR needs to be built here first. Then you can move to building one out of Melbourne, and then out of Brisbane. We really need to link our regional/rural Centres to our major cities. Our regional and rural areas have been abandoned for too long. You all know it needs to be done, so enough talk and get cracking! 2. Force the States to invest (finance) directly to build infrastructure in our major Regional Centres to encourage growth in jobs, education, health, population growth and private business. We cant have just our capital cities becoming rich at the expense of our regional areas. WE all pay taxes, yet our money is not equally spent. Our regions are treated poorly.

from 4 citizens