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Monday, 24 February 2014
Page: 542

Ms RISHWORTH (Kingston) (13:45): Sunday was a good day for the people in my electorate. On Sunday the first electric trains rolled off the Seaford Rail Extension. This was a great project that was supported by federal and state Labor. Federal Labor invested $291 million to create a rail bridge and also to extend the line to Seaford. This is an incredibly important project which those opposite, while in opposition, said was a waste of money. But it is not a waste of money to the people in my electorate. It is much-needed infrastructure that is being welcomed.

We had a wonderful family day in which people were able to come and see the new trains, get a new timetable and have a look at what the service will be. Indeed, some people took their first ride on the new electric trains, and the comments were about how smooth they were and how little noise they emitted. It was a great outcome.

This is an example of Labor investing in our outer-metropolitan suburbs. It is disappointing that the now Liberal federal government have said they will not invest in urban rail. It is a shame that they will not put money into urban rail, because I am seeing the benefits. So I call on those opposite to rethink this obstinate position in which you will not invest in urban rail, because we are seeing the benefits in my electorate. (Time expired)