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Thursday, 6 March 2014
Page: 1888

Mrs McNAMARA (Dobell) (13:31): Last Saturday, I joined with the residents of Kulnura to celebrate the township's 100th birthday. The name Kulnura is of Aboriginal origin and it means 'in sight of the sea'. Situated in the mountains of the beautiful Wyong valleys, Kulnura offers some fantastic viewing areas of the sea and the coastline of Dobell. Home to just over 500 people, the Kulnura community represents everything great about this wonderful nation of ours. Kulnura illustrates the diverseness of Dobell, from our tourist destinations on the coast to Wyong valleys and to towns such as Kulnura that support small fruit and poultry industries. In celebrating Kulnura's 100th birthday, local residents both past and present spent Saturday catching up and reflecting upon the rich history and the town's uniqueness.

Fortunately, we have insight into Kulnura's early days through the family history of Mr George T Hunt, an early settler on the mountain. Mr Hunt's family recalls that at the time of settlement, there was a strong support to call the town Passiflora, but Kulnura was eventually agreed upon. I am advised that to this day, Kulnura is the only place in the world named Kulnura, something the local residents are fiercely proud of.

On Saturday, I was honoured to attend the celebrations and to learn of the town's history and of residents past and present. I was fortunate enough to meet Mr Gibson, a long-term resident aged 93, who spoke of his primary school years at Kulnura. It was also my honour to present the community with an Australian flag. With over 200 people attending the celebrations, it is a testament to the richness of this small community for keeping their heritage alive. I conclude by thanking all those involved in organising this historic day with a special mention to the Kulnura Public School Choir for their outstanding singing and rendition of Advance Australia Fair.