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Thursday, 3 November 2011
Page: 12707

Mr HOCKEY (North Sydney) (11:02): Madam Deputy Speaker, these bills—the 11 bills you just read out—were introduced into the House of Representatives yesterday by the government. This happened after the failure of the government to get consensus on the draft bills that were distributed around the community over the last few weeks. The government now are asking us to speak on 11 bills—525 pages of complicated tax legislation—after giving us notice last night at eight o'clock and then to have a considered debate in the people's house. They talked about the new paradigm—a whole new approach—but every time I raise with the Leader of the House the changes that are being made he says, 'The sins of the father should be visited on the son'—that is, 'You did it to us; therefore we're doing it to you.' I will move to adjourn the debate, and I will do so because now is the time, in the wake of the fact that the matter has gone to committee, to have a proper debate about the tax bills. I move:

That the debate be adjourned.

Question put.

The House divided [11:08]

(The Speaker—Mr Harry Jenkins)

Question negatived.