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Thursday, 29 November 2012
Page: 14046

Mr SIMPKINS (Cowan) (10:18): I rise to speak on the circumstances of the Wanneroo post office in my electorate of Cowan. This is not the first time that I have spoken on the Wanneroo post office, its inadequacies and its poor ability to provide service to my constituents. I think it is tragic that there was a great opportunity in the last few years with the redevelopment of the Wanneroo shopping centre, now Wanneroo Central shopping centre. There was an opportunity for the post office to upgrade and relocate to that centre so that they can, again, have adequate parking and enough room even for people to queue inside. It is a truly shambolic situation. It is shambolic inside the building where, again, people are queuing around between counters without any great order. It is shambolic in the way that the car park is arranged. What is pretty much a major thoroughfare of vehicles through the car park really does make it difficult and dangerous for people to walk, reverse and move their cars around that area. Three hundred and seventy-seven of my constituents have signed this petition, which I will seek leave to table, to draw attention to the circumstances of the post office. Much of what is said in the petition is about the deplorable state of the surrounds and the exterior of the Australia Post office which is a problem. It is a safety risk for both seniors and families with children. There is a pathway which does not meet Australian standards with steps so high that cars can get caught on the footpath as they drive into the car bays and elderly people cannot step up onto the footpath. This is located in one of the fastest growing local government areas in Australia.

It is time for Australia Post to listen to what people have to say and the needs of people as listed in this latest highlighting of the inadequacies of its facilities. Maybe Australia Post should have a look at its own facility and determine that something needs to be done. The facility should be relocated. I cannot see how a complete renovation of the facility is going to fix up the problems that currently exist. It should be put into better premises in the town centre of Wanneroo. I take this opportunity to seek leave to table this petition as agreed to by the committee.

Leave granted.