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Wednesday, 20 March 2013
Page: 2868

Mr KEENAN (Stirling) (09:30): I rise to show my appreciation of the vital role that surf lifesaving clubs play all around Australia in ensuring that when we go to the beach we have the best possible protection. In my electorate of Stirling, we have some of the best beaches in Australia, in fact probably the best beaches in Australia, and they make up just a small part of the large Western Australian coast. I am fortunate enough to represent two surf lifesaving clubs in Stirling, the Scarboro Surf Lifesaving Club and the Trigg Island Surf Lifesaving Club. I would like to congratulate Trigg Island Surf Lifesaving Club for finishing third overall in the SunSmart Junior Surf Lifesaving Championships and also congratulate Scarboro Surf Lifesaving Club on finishing eighth overall. It was a great achievement for both clubs and it is great to see the level of participation by all the kids.

I look forward to attending the SunSmart Senior Surf Lifesaving Championships this Sunday, 24 March, hosted locally by Trigg Island Surf Club. Over 800 of WA's best surf lifesaving athletes will converge on Trigg Beach for the annual two-day event, which is a crucial lead-up event to the Australian championships next month. Trigg Island Surf Club are expected to battle it out for the champion club crown, as they are currently second only to Sorrento Surf Lifesaving Club in the electorate of my diabolical opponent the member for Moore. I wish all competitors from both Scarboro Surf Lifesaving Club and Trigg Island Surf Lifesaving Club the best of luck in this weekend's carnival.

I imagine that the Scarboro Surf Lifesaving Club will also be very pleased with the state Liberal government's $30 million announcement to develop the Scarborough beachfront. The plan includes new pedestrian promenades and cycling paths, fitness equipment, barbeques, children's playground, seating and shade along the beach, public art and improved parking facilities. In conjunction with this there are plans to increase children's activities as well as outdoor movie screenings, bike hire and pop-up kiosks, all of which will create more local jobs within the Stirling community. In the past I have contacted the Hon. Simon Crean in an effort to secure federal government funding for this development. Unfortunately, just as it was neglected by the previous Labor state government, the federal government has been unwilling to help fund this key project for Western Australia.

The proposed Scarborough Beach development plays an important part in reviving the tourism industry in Stirling and ensuring that more local jobs are created. I congratulate the state Liberal government for agreeing to fund this exciting development. I also congratulate the State member for Scarborough, Lisa Harvey, who put in lot of time lobbying for it. I am sure that many local Stirling residents will be happy to see Scarborough returned to a vibrant beachfront that is both safe and inviting for families and visitors. For many years it has been well known in Western Australia that Scarborough Beach has not lived up to its potential. It is a very significant injection of capital funding by the state government and I congratulate them for making what is a very sterling decision.