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Tuesday, 3 June 2014
Page: 5273

Mr PALMER (Fairfax) (13:57): I am concerned that women who work on our rural properties, who support their husbands and families on rural properties and who work hard for this nation to help produce our exports are considered ineligible for the Prime Minister's Paid Parental Leave scheme. Why is it the case that the Nationals do not stand up, get some guts and support the rural women of this country? Why is it that women who stay home and look after their children are regarded as lesser citizens in this country? Why don't they get the Prime Minister's paid parental leave? Why is it that working women get less than rich women? Why is it that people get paid a government benefit not based on a fair regime or as a citizen but based on how much money they have? What sort of message does that send to our children? The more you earn, the more you get from the government; government is there to hand out more and more money. How hopeless is the Liberal Party, giving away more and more of the people's money and raising taxes? What a disgrace. Bob Menzies would roll in his grave. The high-taxing party of Australia: the Liberal Party.