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Wednesday, 8 February 2017
Page: 374

Mr GOODENOUGH (Moore) (19:55): I rise to speak on the federal government's strategy to promote economic development within our region and our state by investing in the necessary infrastructure to improve connectivity with Perth Airport, Fremantle Port and other key industrial areas. The efficient movement of people and freight is essential in promoting the growth of industry and productivity within our region. For the local economy to develop efficient supply chains, it must be implemented through efficient transport, materials handling and logistics. Exporters require a means of dispatching goods, including perishable products, by road, air and sea freight. Conversely, importers require the channels to bring in bulky goods, construction materials and supplies. I am proud to be part of a visionary federal government which has partnered with the West Australian state Liberal government to provide federal funding for three important infrastructure projects which will directly benefit not only the residents of Moore but the whole state—namely, the NorthLink WA, the Gateway WA, and the Perth Freight Link projects.

Presently, the Reid Highway connects the southern part of the Moore electorate with the Tonkin, Leach and Roe Highways further south. Residents will notice that there have been significant roadworks, with new bridges, ramps and lanes being constructed. This is all part of a well-considered strategy to connect our area with transport infrastructure and industry—all part of the 'bigger picture'. It is necessary to reach beyond the boundaries of the electorate to deliver an integrated transport solution. A total of $4 billion is being invested in these projects designed to help our region develop economically. The $1.9 billion Perth Freight Link project will link with the $1 billion Gateway WA project and the $1.12 billion NorthLink WA project to provide a free-flowing 85-kilometre route extending from Muchea to Fremantle Port, linking in with many of Perth's industrial and trade centres. It will reduce travel times and congestion and will provide significant productivity benefits to the economy, industry, motorists and local communities by servicing regional traffic movements to commercial and industrial areas such as Malaga, Kewdale and Welshpool.

Between now and 2031, there will be an expected doubling of freight and passenger air travel. The long-term vision is to cater for the traffic volumes associated with a future projected Perth population of 3.5 million residents to accommodate commuters, tourists, freight and other road users. Infrastructure Australia identified the Gateway WA project as a nationally significant project under its competitive international gateways goal to improve Australia's trade performance. The project improves access to Perth Airport to complement the current airport redevelopment. It will provide sufficient capacity to handle the expected growth in transport demand and will improve the operational efficiency of freight vehicles servicing the nationally significant intermodal freight terminals based at Kewdale and Forrestfield.

This area of Perth is arguably WA's most important transport interchange, where road, rail and air services meet to facilitate the movement of people and goods that are essential to the economy of both the state and the nation. The project was jointly funded, with the federal government contributing up to $686.4 million and the state government contributing $317.5 million. The project was completed in March 2016, ahead of schedule and under budget.

To the south, the $1.6 billion Perth Freight Link project, was officially launched as part of the 2014 federal budget, with Prime Minister Turnbull announcing in April 2016 an additional federal funding contribution of $260 million towards the development of the Fremantle tunnel route, bringing the total project budget to $1.9 billion. It will complete the missing link in Perth's urban transport corridor through a dedicated, high-productivity, east-west freight connection to Fremantle Port. The government has taken a strategic approach to state economic development which goes beyond individual electoral boundaries, and this will benefit not only the electors of Moore but also all Western Australians.

The SPEAKER: It being 8 pm, the House stands adjourned.

House adjourned at 20:00