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Thursday, 20 August 2009
Page: 8469

Mr Price —Madam Acting Speaker, I would like to raise a matter with you and request that you give it some consideration. In relation to the seeking of leave and suspension this morning, the honourable member for Stirling did seek leave to move his motion. As a matter of courtesy and convenience to the House, the Treasurer rose to indicate that leave would not be granted and that it might be more appropriate for the member to proceed directly to the suspension. I think that is a very courteous way to proceed and it does assist the House in dealing with the matter. I would ask you, Madam Acting Speaker, whether you would consider the matters that I have raised and perhaps, if appropriate, provide some clarity as to the best way of handling these matters.

The ACTING SPEAKER —I thank the Chief Government Whip. I will seek advice and proceed with that. The difficulty is that often people seek leave when they should not be seeking leave, and that confuses the issue. Sometimes when people are rising to speak to motions they seek leave when they did not need to or they do not know at what point they need to seek leave. That confused the matter a little this morning, but I think the Chief Government Whip has a valid point and I will raise the matter with the Speaker.