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Thursday, 25 June 2009
Page: 7254

Mr ANTHONY SMITH (4:28 PM) —Mr Speaker, I thank you for this unexpected opportunity of a couple of minutes. The Treasurer will not turn up to an MPI, and the Donny Osmond of the Labor Party here cannot get through the full 15 minutes. You are a joke. You are an absolute joke. Your job is to do the—

Dr Emerson interjecting

Mr ANTHONY SMITH —Oh, yes, I’m really in for a surprise! You surprise everybody. At least you turn up—but you cannot talk for 15 minutes. Every MPI this week involved the Treasurer—

The SPEAKER —The member for Casey will address his remarks through the chair.

Mr ANTHONY SMITH —and he has not turned up to one. He has not turned up to one MPI all week. The Treasurer has been asking all week for this MPI on debt. He has not turned up, so the minister for small business comes in here in his place.

Yesterday we had the Leader of the House reminding us of Mark Latham, and that reminded me of course of the Treasurer not turning up to MPIs. Remember that wonderful column that Mark Latham wrote where Joel Fitzgibbon, the former Minister for Defence, revealed that Wayne Swan as shadow Treasurer refused to do an MPI the day after a budget. We have got a Treasurer who will not do an MPI, who will not answer a question and who cannot even mention the size of the deficit in his budget speech.

Dr Emerson —You are about to get your surprise.

Mr ANTHONY SMITH —Donny, sit down!