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Tuesday, 16 June 2009
Page: 6236

Mrs HULL (8:20 PM) —Minister Burke, I am heartened to hear that you will honour the current EC agreements in my electorate, which will cease in March 2010, all things being obvious. My concern is that, if in March 2010 EC funding is required again, there is nothing that I can see in the forward estimates. I refer you again to the portfolio budget statement, which says:

The reduction in expenses between 2009-10 and 2010-11 is due to the cessation of drought programs.

Minister, I have come here in good faith this evening—not to be flippant; not to make fun—in the very best interests of the people I represent, and I find it just so distressing to hear jokes being made about very serious issues.

Mr Adams interjecting

Mrs HULL —The minister has made reference in the past to the way in which forward estimates on drought funding are calculated, saying it was identical to the way in which it was done under the previous government. This was as a result of a question without notice to you on Thursday, 14 May. In your response to that question, you indicated that the method was identical, but then this evening you indicated that there are some differences to the way we did it. On Thursday, 14 May, you made a statement with quite an impact about the Nationals and the people on this side, saying the way of doing forward estimates was identical—identical—but this evening you have made the statement, ‘Well, it does differ.’ What is the truth?