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Tuesday, 16 June 2009
Page: 6221

Mr McMULLAN (Parliamentary Secretary for International Development Assistance) (7:06 PM) —I did refer previously to the question about the Ambassador to the Vatican and the Governor-General. I made my views clear about that. I think the shadow minister was distracted and she might check the Hansard about that, but I do not accept her indirect cost thesis, at all. With regard to the Prime Minister’s proposition concerning the Asia-Pacific community, there are no extra funds in this budget. Anything that is done will be met out of the existing resources of the department. There is not a specific allocation in this budget for that. I have not had a chance personally to discuss this with the special envoy, Mr Woolcott, but as I understand it the general view is that the proposal is proceeding about as well as we could expect and we remain positive about the prospects for that proposition. That is the situation as I understand it to date.

I do not immediately have anything on that last matter that the shadow minister raised but I will check for her and get something to the shadow minister because it is a legitimate point. I do not have anything immediately before me; I will get that for her.