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Monday, 25 May 2009
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To the Honourable The Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives.

This petition of a number of indigenous (or blackfella) citizens of Australia draws the attention of the House to the oldest living culture known to humanity, and to the existence of rites, lores and customs of Indigenous Australians.

We therefore ask the House to, solemnly and sincerely, acknowledge and affirm that said rites, lores and customs have an essential role in the cultural and spiritual heritage of this Land. We also ask that it never be required for anyone to divulge the detail or any specific occurrence of any ceremony of Indigenous Australians, and that if such matters are shared, that they be held in a place of utmost respect, and treated in a matter befitting such respect, in any sphere where this House may exercise its influence.

by Mrs Irwin (from 1 citizen)