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Tuesday, 10 May 2005
Page: 151

Mr Martin Ferguson asked the Minister for Transport and Regional Services, in writing, on 8 February 2005:

(1)   When will the Government commence its review of Sydney’s airport needs.

(2)   Have draft terms of reference been prepared.

(3)   Who will conduct the review.

(4)   Will the review include consideration of (a) the Badgery’s Creek site, and (b) Bankstown, Camden, Richmond, Newcastle and Canberra airports.

Mr Anderson (Minister for Transport and Regional Services) —The answer to the honourable member’s question is as follows:

(1)   to (4) The Government’s intention, originally stated in December 2000, that it would review Sydney’s airport needs in 2005, was announced in the context of its lengthy and careful consideration of Sydney’s future airport needs. At that time, the Government concluded that Sydney Airport would be able to cope with increasing air traffic to the end of the decade and that it would be premature to build a second major airport. Fundamental changes have taken place in the aviation industry since that time, which have led the Government to form the view that a second Sydney airport will not be needed in the foreseeable future. The Sydney Airport Master Plan, which was approved last year, indicated that the airport would be able to cope with Sydney’s air traffic needs for at least twenty years. Consequently, the Government has not yet decided on the extent and nature of any new review of Sydney’s airport needs.