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Wednesday, 24 March 2004
Page: 27077

The SPEAKER —The member for Grayndler is suspended from the service of the House under standing order 303 for 24 hours.

The member for Grayndler then left the chamber.

Mr ANDERSON —As I was saying before that interruption, the member for Batman, who is yakking over there, says that Sydney airport is congested, and he is obviously wrong. You are wrong!

The SPEAKER —Order! The minister will address his remarks through the chair.

Mr ANDERSON —Mr Speaker, through you, the member for Batman is wrong when he says that we need a second Sydney airport. The member for Grayndler, who has just departed this place, says that we will have to remove the movement cap, the LTOP and the curfew. That is what he said—and he is wrong. I want to reassure the people of Sydney and his constituents that we will not be removing those noise management strategies.

The SPEAKER —The member for Lowe!

Mr ANDERSON —The member for Grayndler also said that the regionals will be forced out of Kingsford Smith. That is also wrong. The master plan makes ample provision for government policy, which is to ensure regional access, and we will continue to ring fence regional slots.

The fact is that the Labor Party have a flawed and very deeply divided approach on Sydney airport—everyone knows it. The reality is that they have this enormous white elephant out there, floating over the people of Wilton, Sutton Forest, Berrima, Moss Vale and Wells Creek.

The SPEAKER —I will deal with the member for Lowe if he persists!

Mr ANDERSON —The one thing that the good people in all of those areas would like to know is: where are they going to land that white elephant? The second thing you can be assured of is that, when it lands, it will remain a white elephant because no-one will use it.