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Thursday, 16 October 2003
Page: 21656

Ms PLIBERSEK (3:09 PM) —Mr Speaker, there was another issue raised during the debate this morning. At around 10.20 a division was called. One of the doors to the chamber remained closed, possibly preventing access to the chamber. It was this door here. I would like to know whether that is appropriate in a division and, if not, what action will be taken to ensure that that does not occur in the future.

The SPEAKER —The member for Sydney would be aware that that is not appropriate, that it is a very rare event and that any occupier of the chair would want all of the doors open and all of the doors shut at an appropriate time. Once again, that is something that, had members been aware of it, should have been raised—

Opposition members interjecting

Mr Adams —We did raise it!

The SPEAKER —Once again may I remind those in the House of what is common courtesy. I was responding in a nonprovocative way to a remark made by the member for Sydney. She gave me no intimation that the matter had been raised, and I was responding quite reasonably—I would have thought—and I would have expected the same courtesy to be extended to me. I thank the member for Lyons for his indication. I have indicated to the member for Sydney that I will follow that matter up.

Ms Plibersek —It was raised at the time.

The SPEAKER —The matter has been dealt with.