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Thursday, 16 October 2003
Page: 21655

Ms PLIBERSEK (3:08 PM) —Perhaps I did not explain myself well enough, Mr Speaker. The Deputy Speaker at first said that the intervening debate was short. When we raised that issue with him, he then used another excuse, which was that the debate was unintelligible. He used two excuses. We did raise the issue at the time, and he ignored our questions and proceeded with the oneminute division. Will you take that up with him and check the record?

The SPEAKER —I will take the matter up with the Deputy Speaker and view the tape, but I stand by my earlier statement. I am particularly conscious of the fact that it was a very sensitive debate in a compressed time frame this morning. For that reason I am, as always, confident that the Deputy Speaker would have acted responsibly. I will nonetheless view the tape and discuss the matter with him and the clerks.