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Wednesday, 15 October 2003
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Miss JACKIE KELLY (Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister) (11:07 AM) —Today we reflect on the first anniversary ceremonies that were in Bali last weekend and look forward to the services in Parliament House tomorrow which will commemorate those who were murdered in Bali whilst quietly enjoying civilian peacetime pursuits such as holiday-making and employment. The government has endeavoured to ensure that the first anniversary commemorations are meaningful occasions for the families of the Australians killed, survivors and others affected by the Bali tragedy.

The most recent report I have is that the families, friends and survivors, some of whom arrived in Canberra last night by charter, are in good spirits all things considered. They see the Bali service as an important step in their own personal battles with grief and are preparing for the national service in Canberra tomorrow. The two memorial services are the results of the work of some outstanding public officials. I would like to record my thanks to the dedicated staff of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Department of Family and Community Services, the Australian Federal Police, the Department of Defence—notably the fine padres from the three services—and the Attorney-General's Department. For the last few months they have lived and breathed the Bali services. No detail has been too small and no request has not been thoroughly investigated, considered and, if possible, supported. I was involved with these agencies in helping capture the views of families and survivors on how they thought the ceremonies should be designed and ensuring that as many views as possible were taken into account. I know that those attending the ceremonies have expressed appreciation for the fact that their views were reflected and that this made the ceremonies much more meaningful experiences for them.

I would like to make special mention of Centrelink, who provided the family liaison officers and the staff at the Bali assistance hotline. The families that I have spoken to, each grieving in their own way, have been unanimous in their praise of Centrelink staff, especially the family liaison officers who were assigned to them initially by Centrelink in the aftermath of the bombings and have been there for them throughout the trials, the subsequent service in Bali and the program that was operated in Bali. They were the contacts for those families in Bali.

One of the first things the Prime Minister said to me after coming back from Bali was that he gained the impression from the families he had met that Centrelink had done an outstanding job. I would like to record my appreciation for the work of the following people—notably, the family liaison officers, whose roles were established within four days of the bombing. Desley Hargreaves, the national manager, was with Centrelink within a few days after the bombs went off. Angela Lancuba and Cheryl Jenkins have also been there from the start. The other family liaison officers that have been with the team through the trials and the commemorations are Katerina Angelopoulos, Anne Pickard, Michelle Daly, Kelly Seidel, Kim Lucas, Karen Dunne, Martin Gribben, Lou McClennan, Tanya Newton, Stewart Miller, Kathy Lambadaridis, Charlie Wickens, Sharon Webb, Bevan Hanan, David Larkin, Angela Morgan and Maryanne Murphy.

The Bali assistance line, which was established in the Centrelink office in Marrickville, operated through a 1300 number and coordinated the efforts in all of our Centrelink agencies. Anna Dubov has been there from the start and took those initial calls to the centre along with Hang Nguyen, Tina Skapetis, Kellie Harden, Debbie Sofronijoski, Berni Dore, Tina Buecher, Nevine Daniel, Jay Narisetty and Nick Klein-Schiphorst. Also, I would like to highly commend our managers at Centrelink, who have been there from the start and coordinated things. We must remember that this is the first time that Centrelink has operated internationally. Within a few days of the bombs going off, Centrelink had to move into the international sphere and they have done that. So can I commend Peter Rock, Sam Campisi and John Homersham on the work that they have done in leading forward public policy and innovation in this area.

The operations and administrative staff were David Norris and Pieter Schoots, who were also there from the start. They were ably assisted by Jenny Beath, Wendy Ford, David Saillard, Carolyn Mansell and Teresa Roffe. Again, there will be ongoing assistance required for the families in terms of their liaison with Centrelink for forward requirements. This team consists of Terry Batterham, Rosalie Salvage, Ross Salvaggio, Dale Pekel, Dorcas Bingwa, Sylvia Karan, Anne Manicas, Phillip Watson, Bob Zanker, Mary Evens, Anne McConnell, Richard Holmes, Gloria Stewart, Sharee Forward, Patrick Kearney, Birgit Klimmer, Natasha Long, Inga Lie, Dorothy Aldred, Maree Clarke, Fenella Bendall, Pauline Young, Nileema Dalal, Tom Naige, Jose Abalo, Jenni Slingsby, Anne Pickard, Karen Podmore, Craig Roles, Pene Knight, Elaine Lee, Jennifer Dupont, Bert Giorgi, Heather Kirkby, Kristina Corkran, Marnie Coghlan, Sarah Hall, Karen Dunne, Chris Zisopoulos, Alison Stuckey, Rosemary Heffernan, Rob Scali, Jacquie Sutti, Elise Bullock, Michelle Daly, Gus Hodge, Ronald Mutton, Keiran Merritt and Daniel Salvador. I do apologise to anyone I have missed. Can I record for the Australian record that the Prime Minister and I both know the work you have done, and we know the families' appreciation of your efforts. Now all of Australia knows as well.