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Tuesday, 16 September 2003
Page: 20226

Mr HARDGRAVE (Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs) (9:28 PM) —I rise as the member for Moreton to report on a matter I have raised in the parliament many times over the years. The complete lack of infrastructure planning by the Queensland state government is a matter of grave concern to the people within the electorate of Moreton. The Brisbane urban corridor, which was gazetted in 1991 in a decision by the Queensland government of the day and the federal government of the day, consigned Granard Road, Riawena Road, Kessels and Mount Gravatt-Capalaba roads through the electorate of Moreton to B-double trucks tearing past letterboxes. People reversing out onto roads have to confront these huge trucks on a daily basis. Mothers driving their children to school and suburban shops are all confronting these big trucks. But where do state government members in my electorate stand?

I hope everyone in my area understands fully my ongoing efforts to try to draw attention to the need for the Queensland government to reverse this bad decision of a decade or more ago. All they want to do is play politics. The Queensland state government members in my area do not have an opinion on this issue—that is the best we can say about it—or, at worst, they are not interested in the everyday concerns of people in the local area. If they were interested, they would get behind my campaign. Do they believe this is still the best route? Do they still believe that the decision of a dozen years ago still stands—that big trucks should be able to mix it with local suburban traffic in the way they do?

If we look at the way the Queensland government took the money two budgets ago, allocated by John Anderson, the Deputy Prime Minister, for soundproof barriers at Salisbury and spent it somewhere else, we can see that Queensland state Labor members in the electorate of Moreton are not interested in the real concerns of local people.

The SPEAKER —Order! It being 9.30 p.m., the debate is interrupted.