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Monday, 15 September 2003
Page: 20102

Dr KEMP (Minister for the Environment and Heritage) (8:57 PM) —I will just make a very brief comment in response. It is very obvious where the delay in labelling has been. The Labor Party governments in the states have had the power to label from the very beginning of the public debate on this issue. I advised them to do so last year. Only one state has so far finalised a label, and that is Victoria. In New South Wales, the state where there has been the most debate on this, there has not been any sign of action from the New South Wales Labor government. And at present we have the Labor Party delaying the introduction of the legislation in the Senate. That shows that the Labor Party is not serious in its claim that it wants to see labels introduced as soon as possible. If the Labor Party were serious, it would not be delaying this legislation; it would be enabling it to come forward to the Senate for finalisation as soon as possible.

Bill agreed to.