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Thursday, 11 September 2003
Page: 19927

Mr NEVILLE (9:56 AM) —Students in the Gladstone-Calliope area are spreading their business wings and learning to fly in the corporate environment, thanks to an innovative marketing program being run under the auspices of the Young Achievement Australia program. This is the third year Tannum Sands State High School has participated in the YAA program, and currently nine students in years 10 and 11 are becoming mini moguls in their own right. These students are developing and marketing an innovative range of clocks, which are being sold throughout the school and to the wider community. This is the first time these students have been involved in small business and, from the start, it was decided to keep as much of the production and manufacturing in-house as possible. The students involved have sold around 250 two-dollar shares in their Ya Clock company to members of the high school community and are hoping to turn in a profit over the next few weeks. The innovative product, which hit the market recently, is a range of clocks made from repainted blank CDs. They feature local and generic designs on the face of the CD. Tannum Sands State High School's manual arts department chipped in by building stands for the clocks and Boyne Smelters Ltd, a major company in the area, is a sponsor of the project.

A total of nine students are involved in the project and according to managing director, Kacie Ryder, the YAA program has been a great experience for all the students, giving them a chance of hands-on experience in the business world. Each student has assumed responsibility for one area of the joint business venture and they deserve special mention: managing director, Kacie Ryder; human resources manager, Tara O'Sullivan; production manager, Erin Gale; finance manager, Citra-Nila Kandi; promotions manager, Daniel Faux; assistant secretary, Alex Taucher; environmental manager, Alastair Cottenham; and team members Daniel Bussa and Natalie Lloyd. This is an innovative school well led by an equally innovative Principal, Ray Johnston, and the YAA group's mentor is teacher Prue Hunt. Both deserve warm congratulations from the community. I give my congratulations to them, as I do to the nine very innovative students.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER (Hon. I.R. Causley)—Order! In accordance with standing order 275A the time for members' statements has concluded.