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Wednesday, 10 September 2003
Page: 19766

Mr COX (7:28 PM) —It is unfortunate that I gave the parliamentary secretary the option of going shorter rather than longer in the hope that we would actually get this bill through tonight; unfortunately, he has gone longer. Therefore, it will not be possible to divide on this bill tonight without affecting the opposition's time in the adjournment debate. By way of talking out the time, I simply point out that most speakers on the government side seem to be enormously confused about the arrangements for charities and for deductible gift recipients. They seem to have those issues entirely confused and to have an incredible lack of grasp of the issues that are at stake in this debate.

There is absolutely no question that the government has a track record of trying to deny organisations that oppose it the right to speak against it. It has happened with the ABC. There is going to be an attempt, with the draft bill on charities, to silence charities. This arrangement requiring deductible gift recipients to be named by regulation is simply a way for the government to draw power to itself so that it can silence them as well.

Consideration interrupted and progress reported; adjournment proposed and negatived.

The SPEAKER —Order! Let me indicate to the member for Kingston that, as the standing orders provide, I have put the question. The result indicates that the House is not about to adjourn. The member for Kingston therefore has the call, in continuation.

Mr COX —I have finished my speech.

The SPEAKER —The member for Kingston will understand why I was not aware that he had completed his speech.

Question put:

That the amendments (Mr Cox's) be agreed to.