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Thursday, 21 August 2003
Page: 19254

The following notices were given:

Mr Johnson that this House:

(1) recognises the success of the Federal Magistrates Service since its establishment by the Com-monwealth Government in 2000;

(2) in particular, recognises the contribution of the Federal Magistrates Service to:

(a) providing a quick and accessible forum for litigants involved in less complex family law and other general federal law disputes;

(b) increasing access to justice for Australian families, particularly those going through relationship breakdown; and

(c) providing an alternative and less formal court option for litigants and encouraging the use of con-ciliation, counselling, arbitration and mediation in appropriate cases; and

(3) notes the Government's recent announcement that four new Federal Magistrates are to be appointed in south-east Queensland, Newcastle, Adelaide and Melbourne to further enhance the operation of the Federal Magistrates Service. (Notice given 21 August 2003.)