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Monday, 18 August 2003
Page: 18688

Mr SERCOMBE (1:48 PM) —Regrettably, all too often in question time what we get from the government is bluster rather than it laying before the House facts that are important to the House's deliberations. Arising from last week, I now want to put on the record the following: Ian David Stafford Collie was charged with conspiracy to defraud the Commonwealth in 1982 and was subsequently convicted and sentenced to 18 months imprisonment. Mr Collie's offices were raided by the police in 1982. At the time he was in partnership with Mr David Knott in a firm called Collie Knott. Mr Collie was clearly a specialist in tax avoidance; he defrauded the Commonwealth of some $16 million. That is the equivalent—on a very quick and dirty calculation—of about $36 million in today's currency. Mr Collie appealed, I understand, to the full Victorian Supreme Court in 1987 and lost the appeal. He then sought special leave to appeal to the High Court in 1987, and that was refused. It seems to me that these are pertinent facts that should be on the record after last week's question time.