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Monday, 11 August 2003
Page: 17947

Mr MURPHY (1:53 PM) —Picking up from the member for Petrie, I would like to say to the government that the Prime Minister has to stop inflicting aircraft noise on the people I represent and on the people of Sydney. I want to condemn the Prime Minister for, yesterday on national television, making it quite plain that he does not believe Sydney will ever need a second airport. Mr Speaker, you know that in the five years I have been here I have spoken very passionately about the impact of aircraft noise on the constituents I represent. Now the government has abandoned a second airport for the people of Sydney.

I have today tabled a notice of motion which will appear on tomorrow's Notice Paper and which says that we have to take the politics out of this issue and set up a joint select committee of both houses of parliament to identify an alternative site for a second airport. The government has sold out the people of Sydney to Macquarie Bank and its partners. As an airport—and I have said this many times—it operates very well as a shopping centre. Under Max Moore-Wilton and his master plan, which I am holding up here today, it is plain that over the next 20 years we are going to get 31.5 per cent movements to the north. We were promised by the Prime Minister when he was elected in 1996 that we would only get 17 per cent movements to the north. There was a commitment for fair noise sharing. There is an unbearable level of noise in Sydney. We need a second airport. It is environmentally irresponsible to have a second airport inside the Sydney basin. That is why I support a second airport outside the Sydney basin. (Time expired)