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Monday, 16 June 2003
Page: 16379

Mrs MAY (1:46 PM) —It was reported in the Gold Coast Bulletin last week that the Gold Coast is shaping up as a key battleground for the Labor Party at the next state election. There are seven Labor members on the Gold Coast. These seven are often referred to as the `silent seven'. The concern raised in the article was the low profile of these members and the fact that four of the seven seats are high risk. According to the Labor state secretary, Cameron Milner:

at the end of the day they, the silent seven, are part of the Beattie team and they are Peter Beattie's local representative in their electorates but, ultimately, Peter is the Premier and the leader, and they have a huge amount of input and influence but, as a team, we get the leader to speak.

One of those at-risk seats is Mudgeeraba, held by Dianne Reilly, one of Peter Beattie's local representatives. Just how much input and influence did Mrs Reilly have when it came to the location of the new Mudgeeraba school and the enrolment boundaries, about which Mrs Reilly had admitted she knew nothing? Apart from the very real traffic problems that will occur in the area of the new school, local residents now find out there are unfair enrolment boundaries that will prevent local children from attending the school. Why wouldn't the Mudgeeraba state seat be at risk when it has a member who does not represent the community or, indeed, the wishes of its residents, who were against the location of the school in the first place? It is very obvious that the state Labor member for Mudgeeraba has no input and no influence in Brisbane.