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Monday, 2 June 2003
Page: 15601

Mr PRICE (3:36 PM) —Mr Speaker, on 13 May I asked you a question in the House regarding the availability of press clippings on the intranet service. You replied—and I thank you for that—on 15 May. I again raised the issue on 26 May, when I said:

The AAP, as I understand it, actually runs a news service wherein its reporters report the news. There is available on AAP a press release service, but this in no way constitutes a press clipping service. If a press clipping service is available on AAP, I would be most grateful if the staff might indicate to me or show me how it might be accessed.

I thank you for your response to that question, Mr Speaker. I need to advise you that a representative of AAP has enthusiastically contacted me to advise me that, indeed, AAP does offer a clipping service, and that clipping service is currently under examination by Mr Templeton's department. I think you would agree, Mr Speaker, that it is difficult for me to access a clipping service if it is not currently subscribed to by the Department of the House of Representatives. When did the departments commence examining the clipping service of AAP, and when is it likely to be made available to all members?

The SPEAKER —I will take both questions on notice—I think the member for Chifley will understand that—and report back to him in any instance and to the House if appropriate and necessary. I also add to my reply to the question from the member for Melbourne. I place on the record that it would not be my intention, and nor would it have been the intention of anyone occupying the chair during my time in the parliament, to have indulgence abused. I give that assurance to the member for Melbourne.