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Tuesday, 31 October 2000
Page: 21777

Mr HAWKER (10:28 PM) —In the brief time I have available, I would like to join with my colleagues, the members for Barker and Corangamite, in supporting the Wool Services Privatisation Bill 2000 and commending Minister Truss for the excellent job he has done for the industry. Having said that, as a fourth generation wool grower, I am very proud to stand here and support this legislation, but I am absolutely appalled by the behaviour of the Australian Labor Party and the shadow minister, the member for Corio, in demonstrating yet again that the Labor Party have been the people who have contributed so much to the problems that the wool industry and wool growers currently face. The member for Corio's performance in this debate tonight is ample evidence that, yet again, the Labor Party do not understand the future for wool growing and are prepared to come into this chamber and play politics instead of trying to support this excellent legislation that the minister has brought forward.

In the time that I will have available when this debate continues, I am going to demonstrate in more detail just how the Labor Party have been so instrumental in the demise of the prospects of so many wool growers. I think back to the 1987 amendments to the Wool Marketing Act and the appalling mistake that the then minister, John Kerin, made and to the damage that was done, which has taken a decade to work its way through. Yet the Labor Party seem to have no shame. They come into this place and say, `We are yet again going to frustrate the future for the wool industry.' They have learnt nothing and it seems that they are going to go on in that fashion.

Debate interrupted.