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Monday, 14 August 2000
Page: 18838

Mr BEAZLEY (2:11 PM) —It was an excellent interview; I am glad he liked it. My question goes to some points made by the Prime Minister in answer to the previous question I asked him. Is he aware that Justice O'Loughlin stated in the Cubillo and Gunner case that:

Neither the evidence in this trial, nor the reasons for judgment, deny the existence of `the Stolen Generation'. Numerous writings tell tragically of a distressing past.

Given this, will the Prime Minister now repudiate the shameful assertion of his government to the Senate Legal and Constitutional References Committee inquiry that there never was a stolen generation?

Mr HOWARD (Prime Minister) —I can say in reply to the Leader of the Opposition's question that I have read sections of the 700-page judgment. I do not pretend to have read it all. It is true that that particular statement was contained in the summary. It is also true that the judgment contains the statement that I made. I do not think the assertion made by the Leader of the Opposition is a proper basis for the request he makes.