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Tuesday, 12 October 1999
Page: 11384

Mrs Crosio asked the Minister for Health and Aged Care, upon notice, on 21 June 1999:

Does the Minister's Department operate a library or libraries; if so (a) what sum was spent on purchasing new books for departmental libraries in (i) 1996-97, (ii) 1997-98 and (iii) 1998-99 and (b) will the Minister provide a list of the title and author of each book purchased by departmental libraries in 1998-99.

Dr Wooldridge (Health and Aged Care) —The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

The Department operates two libraries. In addition to the Central Department library, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) maintains its own library. The following amounts were spent on book purchases:

(a) (i) 1996-97 $61,999.04

(ii) 1997-98 $139,978.92

(iii) 1998-99 $80,564.57

(b) The requested details of books purchased during 1998-99 are included in the attached lists.



List of authors and titles purchased 1998/99



Commonwealth government directory


International health: how Australia compares

de Looper, Michael

Systems thinking basics: from concepts to causal loops

Anderson, Virginia

Commission E monographs

Blumenthal Mark ed.

Official methods of analysis of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists

Association of Official Analytical Chemists

Martindale : the extra pharmacopoeia (32 ed)

Martindale, William

The Trial Investigators GCP handbook

Hutchinson, David

MRECs, LRECs and GCP ethics requirements

Hutchinson, David

Help! The GCP auditor is coming: investigator's guide to ensure GCP compliance

Hutchinson, David

Which documents, why?: a guide to essential clinical trial documentation for investigators

Hutchinson, David

How to write to selection criteria: improving your chances of being shortlisted for a job

Villers, Ann D.

Concise Dictionary


Teacher yourself Lotus 4.6 in 24 hours

Richards, Cate

Visual basic for applications unleashed

Mcfedries, Paul

Using M/S word & excel in office `97

Person, Ron

The 20th century year by year: the family guide to the people and events that shaped the last hundred years

Five Mile Press

Concise encyclopedia of biochemistry & molecular biology

Kroschwitz, Jacqueline I. (ed)

Analytical profiles of drug substances & excipients (vol. 25)

Brittain, H. G.

Yeasts: characteristics & identification

Barnett, J.A.

Bioavailability bioequivalence

Tipnis, H. P.

Manual of vascular plants of northeastern United States & adjacent Canada

Gleeson, H.

Australian concise Oxford dictionary thumb index

Moore, B. (ed)

Medical toxicology: diagnosis & treatment of human poisoning

Ellenhorn, M. J.

Essential oil safety: guide for health care professionals

Tosserand, R.

Immunology (5th ed)

Roitt, I.

Biomaterials science: introduction to materials in medicine

Raner, B. R.

Practical cell culture techniques

Boulton, A. A.

Oxidants antiocidants & free radicals

Baskin, S. (ed)

Disinfection sterilisation and preservation

Block, S. S.

Contested ground: public purpose & private interest in the regulation

Davis, P. (ed)

Highly efficacious chines patent medicines

Zhang, Enquin et al

Microsoft project 4 for windows: step by step


Microsoft PowerPoint version 4.0 for windows: step by step

Johnson, S. M.

British pharmacopoeia 1998


Pathogenesis of infectious disease

Mims, C.

New & resurgent infections: prediction, detection & management of tomorrow's . . .

Greenwood, B.

Current contents: life sciences—print & disk

Institute for Scientific Information

Healing power of herbs

Murrey, T.

Monoclonal antibodies: principles & practice

Goding, J.W.

Catalogue of teratogenic agents

Shepard, T. H.

Dermatotoxicology (5th ed)

Marzulli, F. N.

OECD guidelines for testing of chemicals


Advances in virus research—Vol. 51

Maramorosch, K.

Working knowledge: how organisations manage what they know

Davenport, T. H.

Biomaterials science: an introduction to materials in medicine

Ratner, B. D.

Knowledge management: a competitive asset

Special Library Association

Good universities guide to postgraduate & Carer upgrade courses & services

Ashencen, C.

Sterilisation: health tech memc 2010 : part 4 good practice guide

NHS Estates

Bergey's manual of determinative bacteriology: 9th ed.

Holt, J. G.

Vaccines vaccination & the immune response

Ada, G. L. Ramsay, A. J.

American herbal products association's botanical safety HB: guidelines

Mcguffin, M.

Australian resume guide: 2nd ed.

Stevens, P.

Herbal medicines: a guide for health care professionals

Newall, C. A. et al

Natural products in medicine

Dewick, P. M.

Concise kirk-othmer encyclopedia

Kroschwitz, J. I.

Systematic reviews

Chalmers, I. Altman

Statistics at square one: 9th revised ed.

Swinscow, T. D. V.

British pharmacopoeia 1999


HB of ayurvedic medicinal plants

Kapoor L. D.

Systematic reviews: synthesis of best evidence for health care decisions

Mulrow, C. D.

Detection of new adverse drug reactions: 4th revised ed.

Stephens, M. D. B.

The secrets to getting a job

Garside, P

Introduction to database systems: vol. 1-6th ed.

Date, C. J.

Guide to APS pay & conditions of employment

Dept. of Employment, Workplace Relations and Small Business

Directory of Australian Association

Information Australia

ESCOP monographs

European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy


American Society for Testing and Materials

Benefit-risk balance for market drugs

Council for International Organisations of Medical Sciences

Basic texts for drugs: pharm. Substances etc.


Quality control methods for medicinal plant materials


Guide to the preparation use & quality assurance of blood components

Council of Europe

CE marking for medical devices: a handbook to the medical devices directives


Spice: the theory and practice of process improvement and capability determination


Who's who in Australia 1999

Information Australia Group

Food standards code


Commonwealth Stats annotations

LBC Information Services



European report

Medical Technology Consultants

MIMS bimonthly (14 copies)


MIMS annual


MIMS Korea


Material Medeica

National herbalists Assoc. of Aust.

NLN 35 GCP inspection


Australian Pharmaceutical formulary and handbook (16th ed)

Pharmaceutical Society of Australia

Global harmonisation for medical devices industry

Salamon, Daniel D. J.

Australia at work


Neonatal pharmacopoeia

RCH Pharmacy Dept.

Paediatric pharmacopoeia

RCH Pharmacy Dept.

3 Sacher management manuals

Sacher Associates

New green pharmacy

Griggs, Barbara

Biophysical measurement series book, electrocardiography

Rawlings, Charles A.

Biophysical measurement series book, Blood pressure

Nara, Andrew R.

Biophysical measurement series book, Respiration

Berghuis, Paul

Biophysical measurement series book, Cardiac output

Bowdle, T. Andrew

Biophysical measurement series book, Advanced electrocardiography

Anderson, Stanley T.

Biophysical measurement series book, electroencephalography/electromyography

Isley, Michael R.

Clinical information and technology series: networks

Bourke, Michael

Clinical information and technology series: neonatl intensive care

Alpert, Bruce

Clinical information and technology series: clinical information systems

Ball, Marion J.

ANU handbook 1999


University of Canberra handbook 1999


Researching online for dummies

Basch, Reva

Adapters and innovators

Kirton, Michael

Microsoft office 97 visual basic programmers guide

Microsoft Press

Merck index—encyclopedia of chemicals & drugs

Budavari, Susan (ed)

What happened when

Barker, Anthony

Web site useability: a designer's guide

Spool, Jared M.

1 Jul 99

(Revised 27 Aug 99)

Title and Author of Books Purchased by the Central Office Library, Dept Health and Aged Care in FY 1998-99



175 High impact resumes

Richard H. Beatty

1998/99 NHS handbook

edited by Peter Merry

1999 World Health Report

World Health Organization

44 Activities For Interpersonal Skills Training

Sue Bishop and David Taylor

75 years of management ideas and practice

Harvard Business Review

A basic guide to planning community services

John Murphy

A better place to work : a new sense of motivation leading to high productivity

Adolf Haasen and Gordon F. Shea

A briefing on public health in Australia

Queensland Health. Public Health Services

A consumer society

Editor: Kaye Healey

A dictionary of epidemiology

edited by John M. Last

A good day to die: the story of palliative care

Lisa Birnie

A long way to go

SANE Australia

A manager's guide to elder care and work

John Paul Marosy

A medical practitioner's guide to aboriginal health

Australian Medical Association. WA Branch,

A National Aboriginal Health Strategy

National Aboriginal Health Strategy Working Party,

A not so perfect match

Bob Birrell and Virginia Rapson

A social policy research agenda to take the Territory, and the nation, into the 21st century; and, What is good social policy?

Senator Grant Tambling & Cliff Walsh

A step-by-step guide for improving access to your service for people from a non-English speaking background

Maria Tsapogas

A survival guide for project managers

James Taylor

A survival guide to critical path analysis

Andrew Harrison

A Working Relationship : the job development specialist's guide to successful partnerships with business

Ellen S. Fabian, Richard G. Luecking and George P. Tilson

ABC of work related disorders

edited by David Snashall

Aboriginal Primary health care

Sophia Couzos and Richard Murray

Abuse of older people : crime or family dynamics?

Pamela Kinnear & Adam Graycar

Access Database Design & Programming

Steven Roman

Access to experimental drugs in terminal illness : ethical issues

Udo Schuklink

Accessible workplaces

Phillip O'Donoghue

Adobe web design & publishing unleashed

Dave Brown . . . {et al.}

Advanced nursing practice for rural and remote Australia

National Rural Health Alliance

Advanced oracle PL/SQL: programming with packages

Steven Feuerstein

Ageing and social policy in Australia

edited by Allan Borowski, Sol Encel, Elizabeth Ozanne

Ageing Europe

Alan Walker and Tony Maltby

Ages ahead: promoting inter-generational relationships

editors: Sik Hung Ng . . . {et al.}

Aging, social inequality, and public policy (sociology for a new century

Fred C. Pampel

Alternative medicine

Editor: Kaye Healey

Alzheimer's disease: a carer's guide

Dr Bill Grant

An Aboriginal health workers' guide to family, community and public health

Central Australian Aboriginal Congress

Analysis of Human Genetic Linkage

Jurg Ott

Applying for jobs and winning at interviews

George Stern

Appraisal: routes to improved performance

Clive Fletcher

Approaching the corporate heart:

Margot Cairnes

Assessing needs for mental health in culturally and linguistically diverse communities

Ann Larson . . . {et al.}

Asthma services in rural and remote New South Wales

edited by Dr George Car, Tony Kilbe and Peter Dunn

At Your Service—Calamities Catastrophes & Other Curiosities Of Customer Service

Hal Becker

Australia at work : just managing

Australian Centre for Industrial Relations Research and Training

Australian code for the transport of dangerous goods by road and rail (6th edition)

Australian Transport Advisory Council.

Australian illicit drug report

Australian Bureau of Criminal Intelligence

Australian Politics In The Global Era

Capling, M. Ann (Margaret Ann)

Australian services: marketing and management

Linda McGuire

Australian Social Trends

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Australian Standard 4804—Occupational health & safety management systems

Standards Australia

Australian women's health handbook

Gore & Osment

Australia's children their health and wellbeing

Lynelle Moon; Naila Rahman: Kuldeep Bhatia

Australia's youth : reality and risk

Dusseldorp Skills Forum

Balance of power

James R. Lucas

Banker to the Poor

Yunus, Muhammad

Basic and clinical pharmacology

edited by Bertram G. Katzung

Basic epidemiology

R. Beaglehole, R. Bonita, T. Kjellstrom

Becoming a learning organisation

Harvard Business School

Benchmarking basics

Sylvia Codling

Benzalkonium chloride—toxicity profile

BIBRA International

Best practice for rural & remote health services

National Rural Health Alliance

Best practice guidelines for contracting out government services

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development,

Best practice guidelines for outsourcing

KPMG Impact Programme

Best practices

Robert Hiebeler, Thomas B. Kelly and Charles Ketteman

Better State of Health: Facts About the NHS's Failings and a prescription

John Willman

Beyond success: why everything you've ever dreamed of won't be

Paul Blackburn

Beyond the IT Productivity Paradox

edited by Leslie Willcocks and Stephanie Lester

Beyond the myths and magic of mentoring

Margo Murray with Marna A. Owen

Billibonk and the thorn patch

Philip Ramsey

Blueprint for rural development

National Rural Health Alliance

Boom bust and echo how to profit from the coming demographic shift

David K. Foot; with Daniel Stoffman

Born to win : transactional analysis with Gestalt experiments

Muriel James and Dorothy Jongeward

Breaking the patterns of depression

Michael D. Yapko

Breakthrough customer service: Best practices of leaders in customer support

editor and contributor Stanley A. Brown

Breast cancer: can you prevent it?

Amelia Lawson, James Lawson

Bringing them home

Australia. Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission,

Building a better team: a handbook for managers and facilitators

Peter Moxon

Building team spirit: activities for inspiring and energizing

Barry Heermann

Building the learning organisation

Michael J. Marquardt

Built to Last : Successful Habits of Visionary Companies

James C.Collins and Jerry I. Porras

Business Reference Services and Sources

Katherine M. Shelfer, editor

Canada Health Action: Building on the Legacy 5 vols

National Forum on Health (Canada)

Cancer : principles & practice of oncology

edited by Vincent T. DeVita, Samuel Hellman, Steven A. Rosenberg

Carcinogenicity: Testing Predicting & Interpreting Chemical Effects

edited by Kirk T. Kitchin

Challenges in environmental human dimensions research

Editor: Mats Rolen

Change power capabilities that drive corporate

Dennis Turner and Michael Crawford

Changing paradigms

Thomas Clarke and Stewart Clegg

Chemistry & Mode Of Action Of Crop Protection Agent

Leonard G. Copping, H. Geoffrey Hewitt

Childhood immunisation in England : issues from the research

edited by Marycke Veltman and David Salisbury

Children Australia—a social report

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Children with disabilities: a medical primer 4/E

Mark L. Batshaw and Yvonne M. Perret

Children, domestic violence and refuges

Gill Hague . . .

Chronic disease epidemiology and control

edited by Ross C. Brownson, Patrick L. Remington, James R. Davis

Chronic Pain : Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Prevention and Management

Hooshang Hooshmand

Clinical Biochemistry Of Domestic Animals:

edited by J. Jerry Kaneko, John W. Harvey, Michael L. Bruss

Clinical epidemiology : essential

Robert H. Fletcher, Suzanne W. Fletcher, Edward Wagner

Clinical futures

edited by Marshall Marinker & Michael Peckham

Clinical Governance: Making It Happen

edited by Myrian Lugon, Jonathan Secker-Walker

Clinical psychology of religion

editors: Valerie DeMarinis and Owe Wikstrom

Coaching for development: skills for managers and team leaders

Marianne Minor

Coaching: winning strategies for individuals and teams

Dennis C. Kinlaw

Collaborating to improve community health

Kathryn Johnson, Wynne Grossman, Anne Cassidy {editors}

Community service obligations—meaning, impact & application

National Rural Health Alliance

Competent caring: a health and procedures manual for carers

Royal District Nursing Service of SA

Competitive Tendering & Contracting : Framework & Guidelines

Public Sector Management Office (WA)

Competing agendas impacting on community service

edited by Robyn Evans and Karen Struthers

Competitive tendering and contracting: guidance for managers

Department of Finance and Administration

Complaints handling

Standards Australia

Comprehensive toxicology

editors-in-chief, Glenn Sipes, Charlene A. McQueen, A. Jay Gandolfi

Confronting AIDS: Public priorities in a global epidemic

World Bank

Consulting on the side: how to start a part-time consulting

Mary F. Cook

Consulting the public : guidelines and good practice (see remarks)

John Seargeant and Jane Steele

Contaminated Land And Its Reclamation

edited by R.E. Hester and R.M. Harrison

Contract management in the public sector—proceedings

IIR Conferences

Contracting out in Australia: an indicative history

Kylie McIntosh, Jason Shauness and Roger Wettenhall

Contracting out: contracting for Australian aid

Australian Agency for International Development

Co-operatives and Public Policy

Co-operative Federation of Victoria

Core Java 2, Volume 1: Fundamentals, 4/e

Cay S. Horstmann and Gary Cornell

Corporate amnesia

Arnold Kransdorff

Corporate Practices in Diversity Measurement : a research report

Michael L. Wheeler

Correcting the blueprint of life : an historical account of the discovery of DNA repair mechanisms

Errol C. Friedberg

Corrosion of character the personal consequences of work in the new capitalism

Richard Sennett

Costing and pricing in the digital age

Herbert Snyder, Elisabeth Davenport

Costing turnover : implications for work / family conflict

Jacqui Abbott, Helen De Cieri and Roderick Iverson

Cost-justifying useability

edited by Randolph G. Bias and Deborah J. Mayhew

Counselling for managers

Nigel MacLennan

Creating the corporate future plan or be planned for

Russell L. Ackoff

Creative leadership

A. S. Migs Damiani

Crop protection agents from nature+A156

edited by Leonard G. Copping

Cry of pain understanding suicide and self-harm

Mark Williams

Culture, perceptions and environmental problems

Jakob Bue Bjorner ..{et al.}

Data management in the APS

Australian National Audit Office

Deadly feasts: tracking the secrets of a terrifying new plague

Richard Rhodes

Death on the menu

Harash Narang

Defining moments: when managers must choose between right

Joseph L. Badaracco, Jr

Demanding medical excellence

Michael L. Millenson

Demographics and Medical Care Spending: Standard and Non-Standard Effects

David M. Cutler, Louise Sheiner

Dermal absorption & toxicity assessment

Michael S. Roberts, Kenneth A. Walters

Desert flower

Waris Dirie and Cathleen Miller

Designing and writing online documentation : hypermedia for self-supporting products

William Horton

Developing a learning organisation

Barbara Allan

Developing quality measures for home and community care

Anne Jenkins, Elizabeth Butkus, Diane Gibson

Devolution and health

Robert Hazell and Paul Jervis

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

In collaboration with representatives of American Academy of Physicians . . . {et. al.}

Dialogue : Rediscover the Transforming Power of Conversation

Linda Ellinor and Glenna Gerard

Diary of a change agent

Tony Page

Dictionary of allusions

Julia Cresswell

Directory of hospital pharmacy and pharmaceutical organisation

Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia,

Disability: a guide for health professionals

edited by John Annison [et al . . . ]

Discern Handbook: Quality Criteria for Consumer Health Information on Treatment Choices

compiled by Deborah Charnock

Discovering common ground how future search conferences bring people together

Marvin R. Weisbord

Disease and social diversity: the European impact on the health of non-Europeans

Stephen J. Kunitz

Disease and the destruction of indigenous populations

Stephen J. Kunitz

DNA damage and repair: DNA repair in higher eukaryotes

edited by Jac A. Nickoloff and Merl F. Hoekstra

Doing disability research

edited by Colin Barnes and Geof Mercer

Drugs and alcohol in rural Australia

National Rural Health Alliance

Drugs and our community: report of the Premier's Drug Advisory Council

Premier's Drug Advisory Council (Victoria)

Dynamic Modelling in the Health Sciences (Modelling Dynamic Systems)

James L. Hargrove

East and West: China, Power, and the Future of Asia

Christopher Patten

Effective Commissioning : lessons from purchasing in American managed care

Donald W Light

Elder abuse : International and cross-cultural perspectives

edited by Jordan I. Kosberg and Juanita L. Garcia

Electronic patient records, smart cards and confidentiality

Eleanor G. Feldbaum and Richard S. Dick

Emotional intelligence at work

Hendrie Weisinger

Enhancing competitiveness in the information age : strategies and tactics for special librarians

Special Libraries Association (USA)

Enhancing recovery from psychosis: a practical guide

Brian Johnston

Epidemiology and health services

Haroutune K. Armenian and Sam Shapiro

Epidemiology in medicine

Charles H. Hennekens, Julie E. Buring

Epidemiology Kept Simple: An Intro To Classic & Modern Epidemiology

B. Burt Gerstman

Epidemiology: an introductory text for medical and other health science students

David Christie, Richard Heller, Ian Gordon

Ethics and political practice : perspectives on legislative

edited by Noel Preston and Charles Sampford with C-A Bois

Evaluating health interventions

John Ovretveit

Evaluating Health Promotion

Penelope Hawe, Deirdre Degeling, Jane Hall

Evaluating Palliative Care : Establishing the Evidence Base

Margaret Robbins

Evidence based practice in primary health care

edited by Chris Silagy and Andrew Haines

Evidence for the ten steps to successful breastfeeding

World Health Organization. Division of Child Health and Development

Evidence-based medicine: how to practice and teach EBM

David L. Sackett . . .

Evolving Quality in the New NHS

Sheila Leatherman, Kim Sutherland

Existential questions and health

Hans Stifoss-Hanssen and Kjell Kallenberg

Exploring outsourcing

Frank Portugal

Family caregivers: disability, illness and ageing

edited by Hilary Schofield . . . {et al.}

Fathertime: enjoying your children—and your job

Daniel Petre

Fearless and flawless public speaking : with power, polish and pizazz

Mary-Ellen Drummond

Finding a job after 50

Terry Harty and Karen Kerkstra Harty

Fragmentation to integration : national scoping study : the telemedicine in Australia

prepared by John Mitchell of John Mitchell & Associates

Frankl's thorn patch fieldbook

Philip Ramsey

From juggling to managing

Christie Breakspear

From Research into Practice in health promotion : a review of the literature on dissemination

Lesley King, Penelope Haw, Marilyn Wise

From sage to artisan : the nine roles of the value-driven leader

Stuart Wells

From surviving to thriving : promoting mental health in young people

Andrew Fuller

From workfare state to transfer state

Michael Warby and Mike Nahan

Fundamentals of ecotoxicology

Michael C. Newman

Future tense

edited by Murray Waldren

General practice accreditation policy & procedures manual

Australian Medical Association (Victoria),

Genetic testing : implications for insurance

Actuarial Foundation

Gentle revolution : men and women at work—what goes wrong and how to fix it

Helena Cornelius

Gerontechnology : A sustainable investment in the future

edited by J. Graafamans, V. Taipale and N. Charness

Get your message across

Jacqui Ewart, Gail Sedorkin, Tony Schirato

Getting behind the rhetoric cross-national perspectives on community care of the elderly

Christopher Williams

Global environment biotechnology

edited by Donald L. Wise

Global targets on ageing for the year 2001 : a practical strategy

United Nations. General Assembly

Global warning! Debating international developments in new public financial management

edited by Olov Olson, James Guthrie, Christopher Humphrey

Going digital : legal issues for electronic commerce, multimedia and the Internet

general editors: Anne Fitzgerald . . . {et al.}

Gone to pot: the no bullshit parents' guide to marijuana

Raelene Allen

Good practice in risk assessment & risk management vol 1

edited by Hazel Kemshall and Jacki Pritchard

Good practice in supervision : statutory and voluntary organisations

edited by Jacki Pritchard

Government Information on the Internet (2nd Ed)

Greg R. Notess

Gower handbook of management

edited by Dennis Lock

Gray Dawn : How the Coming Age Wave Will Transform America-And the World

Peter G. Peterson

Greg Chappell's health and fitness repair manual

Greg Chappell

Growing up not out: a weight management guide for families

Kate Steinbeck, with Maggie Aitken & Anne Marie Droulers

GST : the long, winding road

Neil Warren

Guidelines for managing risk in the Australian public sector (mab/)

Australia. Management Advisory Board

Gung ho : increase productivity, profits, and your own prosperity

Ken Blanchard & Sheldon Bowles

Hand in hand visiting guide to nursing

Kathleen Mills and Margaret Hamey

Handbook of cosmetic and personal care additives

compiled by Michael and Irene Ash

Handbook of food additives

compiled by Michael and Irene Ash

Handbook of human toxicology

edited by Edward J. Massaro

Harvard Business Review on Change

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review on Knowledge Management

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review on Knowledge Management

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review on Leadership

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review on Measuring Corporate Performance

Harvard Business Review

Health & lifestyle : a report on jobless living

South Australian Unemployed Groups in Action,

Health care and public policy: an Australian analysis

George R. Palmer and Stephanie D. Short

Health Impact Assessment as a Tool for Health Promotion and Population Health

C. James Frankish . . . {et al.}

Health in Europe 1997

World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe,

Health in rural and remote Australia

Kathleen Strong et al

Health policy in Australia

edited by Heather Gardner

Health Policy Reform National Variations And Globalization (Advances In Politics)

edited by Christa Altenstetter and James Warner Bjorkman

Health promotion and prevention :A257 theoretical and ethical aspects

editors: Per-Erik Liss and Nina Nikku

Health Reform: Public Success, Private Failure

edited by Daniel Drache & Terry Sullivan

Health services for a culturally diverse society

New South Wales. Health Dept.

Health Survey for England the Health of Young People `95-97' Vol 1 + Vol 2

edited by Patricia Prescott-Clark; Paola Primatesta

Health system costs of diseases and injury in Australia 1993-94

Colin Mathers et al

Healthy people 2000 : midcourse review and 1995 revisions

United States. Public Health Service

Hearing the Voice of Older People

Council on the Ageing (NSW

Hepatitis C virus

edited by H. W. Reesink

Heroin crisis

foreword by Barry Jones

Heroin related deaths in NSW 1992-1996 (Technical report No. 68)

Shane Darke & Joanne Ross

HIV/AIDS and related diseases in Australia annual surveillance report 1998

edited by National Centre in HIV Epidemiology and Clinical Research

How organizations learn

Anthony J. DiBella and Edwin C. Nevis

How to write a consultancy brief & select the right consultant

Rob Tonge

HTML 4 for the World Wide Web

Elizabeth Castro

Human Development Database 1998

United Nations Development Programme

Human Development Report 1998

United Nations Development Programme

Human Development Report 1998—Background Papers

United Nations Development Programme

Human genetics : the science and its consequences

Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Science and Technology Committee

Human resource champions: : the next agenda for adding value and delivering results

Dave Ulrich

Ideas for the new millennium: planning strategies for the 21st

Peter Ellyard

Idon Scenario Thinking : how to navigate the uncertainties of unknown futures

Miriam Galt, Gary Chicoine-Piper, Nela Chicoine-Piper, Anthony Hodgson

Images of Organization : The Executive Edition

Gareth Morgan

Impact of sunset clause on investigatory powers

Paul Nicoll, Hamish Balfour and Alan Chapman

Improve your self esteem

Andrew Page and Cindy Page

Improving Health in the Community : A Role for Performance Monitoring

James S. Durch, Linda A. Bailey, and Michael A. Stoto, editors

In defence of the bush : issues confronting rural people in NSW/ACT

Colin Robinson

Income distribution report 1996-97

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Increasing Longevity

edited by Raymond Tallis

Independent inquiry into inequalities in health

Chairman: Sir Donald Acheson

Indigenous people's health

(editors} Sandra Meihubers, Patricia Buckley

Injuries : protocol for investment in health gain

Welsh Health Planning Forum

Intergenerational approaches in aging : implications for education, policy and practice

Kevin Brabazon, Robert Disch, editors

International health—how Australia compares

Michael de Looper et al

International health care : a framework for comparing national health care systems

Edward M. Mendoza and Bryn J. Henderson

Internet commerce : to buy or not to buy?

Australia. Parliament. Joint committee of Public Accounts and Audit

Internet Security With Windows NT

Mark Joseph Edwards

Intro To Environmental Toxicology: Impacts Of Chemicals Upon Ecological Systems

Wayne G. Landis, Ming-Ho Yu

Invented here: Maximizing your organization's growth and internal profitability

Bart Victor, Andrew C. Boynton

It takes a Community : A Resource Manual for Community-Based Prevention of Fetal alcohol Syndrome

Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada,

Java distributed computing

Jim Farley

Java in a Nutshell : A Desktop Quick Reference

David Flanagan

Java Servlet Programming

Jason Hunter with William Crawford

Keep yourself alive : prevention of suicide in young people : a manual for health professionals

Graham Martin . . . {et al.}

Keeping sight of the goal: the limits of contracts and competition in community services

Australian Council of Social Service

Key Indicators of Social Exclusion

Catherine Howarth, Peter Kenway, Guy Palmer and Cathy Street

Kirk Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology

Raymond Eller Kirk, Donald F. Othmer

Knowledge management : a new competitive asset

Special Libraries Association (USA)

Leadership for competitive advantage

Nick Georgiades and Richard Macdonell

Leadership from the Inside Out : Seven Pathways to Mastery

Kevin Cashman

Leading consciously: a pilgrimage toward self-master

Debashis Chatterjee

Leaving Early—Youth Suicide : The Horror The Heartbreak & The Hope

Donaghy, Bronwyn

Leveraging the new infrastructure

Peter Weill and Marianne Broadbent

Lewis' dictionary of toxicology

Robert A. Lewis

Lies! lies! lies! : the psychology of deceit

Charles V. Ford

Life behind glass: a personal account of Autism Spectrum Disotrder

Wendy Lawson

Linkage methods or environmental & health analysis : Tech guidelines

World Health Organization. Office of Global and Integrated Environmental Health

Linking health outcomes to priority setting, planning and resource allocation

Gavin Mooney; Marion Haas; Rosalie Viney and Lyn Cooper

Living the 7 Habits: Stories of Courage and Inspiration

Stephen R. Covey

Look before leaping: a guide to contracting for community services

Queensland Council of Social Service

Lotus notes & Domino server 4.6 unleashed

Randall A. Tamura . . .


Robert J. Barro

Mad cows and modernity

edited by Iain McCalman with Benjamin Penny and Misty Cook

Maintaining Prosperity In An Ageing Society

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Making doctors an institutional apprenticeship

Simon Sinclair

Making it happen: a non-technical guide to project management

Mackenzie Kyle

Making social policy in Australia

Tony Dalton . . . {et al.}

Making us crazy : DSM : the psychiatric bible and the creation of mental disorders

Herb Kutchins and Stuart A. Kirk

Malignant Sadness : the anatomy of depression

Lewis Wolpert

Managed Care: Panacea or Palliation?

Alan Maynard and Karen Bloor

Managers As Facilitators : A Practical Guide to Getting Work Done in a Changing Workplace

Richard G. Weaver and John D. Farrell

Managers as mentors: building partnerships for learning

Chip R. Bell

Managing an ageing workforce

edited by Margaret Patrickson and Linley Hartmann

Managing diversity

Lee Gardenswartz, Anita Rowe

Managing employee stress

Lesley Towner

Managing fairness in organizations

Constant D. Beugre

Managing for health

Hunter, David J.

Managing in a team environment

John Robert Dew

Managing Information Avoiding Overload

Trevor Bentley

Managing information overload

Lynn Lively

Managing people

Jane Churchouse and Chris Churchouse

Managing people: A competence approach to supervisory management

Roger Cartwright . . . {et al.}

Managing the new organisation

David Limerick, Bert Cunnington, Frank Crowther

Managing to survive

Alun C. Jackson and Frances Donovan

Managing Virtual Teams

Martha Haywood

Managing with power : politics and influence in organizations

Jeffrey Pfeffer

Mastering project management

James P. Lewis

Mastering the art of creative collaboration

Robert Hargrove

Maverick! : the success story behind the world's most unusual workplace

Ricardo Semler

Maybe tomorrow

Boori (Monty) Pryor with Meme McDonald

Measures of quality and high performance

Richard M. Hodgetts

Measuring progress: is life getting better?

Richard Eckersley

Measuring social capital in five communities in NSW

Jenny Onyx and Paul Bullen

Medical sociology

William C. Cockerham

Men who beat the men who love them

David Island, Patrick Letellier

Men's health

Ronald S. Laura

Mental health and wellbeing profile of adults

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Mental illness

Editor: Kaye Healey

Mentoring and coaching : the essential leadership skills

Sue Mathews

Metabolic pathways of agrochemicals (vol 1)

Editor in chief Terry R. Roberts

Microsoft Excel 97: Visual Basic Step by Step

Reed Jacobson

Microsoft Office 97 Visual Basic Programmers Guide


Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 programmers guide


Migrants, minorities and health: Historical and contemporary studies

edited by Lara Marks and Michael Worboys

Mission-based management: leading your not-for-profit into the 21st century

Peter Brinckerhoff

More secrets of happy children

Steve Biddulph with Shaaron Biddulph

Mosby's manual of diagnostic and laboratory tests

Kathleen Deska Pagana and Timothy James Pagana

Mother of all myths : how society moulds and constrains motherhood

Aminatta Forna

Mothers babies and disease in later life

D. J. P. Barker

Motivation, emotions and leadership: The silent side of management

Richard C. Maddock and Richard L. Fulton

Motor vehicle exhaust gassing suicides in Australia : epidemiology and prevention

Virginia Routley

Naked Truth : an open letter to the Australian working community

Fabian Dattner


Gregory Timp, editor

National health survey : summary of results (1995)

Australian Bureau of Statistics

National minimum guidelines for incident management, conflict resolution & use of force

R. Hamdorf . . .

New Public Health : an Australian perspective

Fran Baum

New wisdom II: values-based development

lare Colins and Paul Chippendale

Next : the flow for the future

Ira Matathia and Marian

NHS costs for the breast screening frequency and age trials

Katharine Johnston . . . {et al.}

Not just a doctor : community perspectives on medical services in women's and community health centres

Megan Warin . . . {et al.}

NSW young people 1996

National Youth Affairs Research Scheme

Nursing home subsidies—final report

Productivity Commission

Nuts!; Southwest Airlines' Crazy Recipes for Business and Personal Success

Kevin Freiberg and Jackie Frieberg

Occupational health and safety in Australia : industry, public sector and small business

edited by Claire Mayhew and Chris L. Peterson

Official Group on OPs Report

MAFF publications

Old Age : From Antiquity to Post-Modernity

edited by Paul Johnson and Pat Thane

Older Getting Wiser

Institute of Fiscal Studies (UK)

Oncology for Palliative Medicine

Peter Hoskin and Wendy Makin

Only the Paranoid Survive : how to exploit the crisis points that challenge every company and career

Andrew S. Grove

Options for diarrhoea control : the cost and cost-effectiveness of selected interventions for the prevention of diarrhoea

Margaret A. Phillips, Richard G. Feachem and Anne Mills

Options for the ageing

Leila Henderson

Organophosphorus esters: An evaluation of chronic neurotoxic effects

David Ray

Our economic system

Editor: Kaye Healey

Our healthier nation : a contract for health

Secretary of State for Health (UK)

Our state of mind: racial planning and the stolen generations

Quentin Beresford, Paul Omaji

Outpatient Services : Designing and Managing Outpatient Resources

Duane C. Abbey

Past wrongs, future rights: anti-discrimination, Native Title and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander policy, 1975-1997

Michael Warby

PDQ Evidence-based Principles and Practice

Ann McKibbon with Angela Eady

Performance indicators in Aboriginal health

I. Anderson and M. Brady

Performance of Government Trading Enterprises, 1991-92 to 1996-97

Productivity Commission

Perils of progress : the health and environment hazards of modern technology, and what you can do about them

John Ashton and Ron Laura

Perinatal Developmental Neurotoxicology

Jennifer Court . . . {et al.}

Persuading Aristotle

Peter Thompson

Phoenix without the ashes : achieving organizational excellence through common sense management

Gary English

Physical activity and behavioral medicine

James F. Sallis, Neville Owen

Physiology of health and illness

Judy Hubbard and Derek Mechan

Phytochemical Diversity: A Source Of New Industrial Products

edited by Stephen Wrigley . . .

Planning the medical workforce (third report)

Great Britain. Medical Workforce Standing Advisory Committee

Planning under pressure

John Friend; Allen Hickling

Please understand me : character & temperament types

David Keirsey, Marilyn Bates


H. K. Colebatch

Politics, Women and Well-being : How Kerala Became a Model

Robin Jeffrey

Population growth and distribution

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Population projections

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Poverty, income distribution and health : an Australian study

Peter Saunders

Power over panic: freedom from panic/anxiety related disorder

Bronwyn Fox

Power tools : a leader's guide to the latest management thinking

John Nirenberg

Preferred futuring envision the future you want unleash the energy to get there

Lawrence L. Lippett

Present Knowledge in Nutrition

Ekhard E. Ziegler and L.J. Filer {editors}

Preventing mental illness: mental health promotion in primary care

edited by Rachel Jenkins and T Bedirhan Ustun

Primary health care concepts and challenges in a changing world : Alma-Ata revisited

E. Tarimo, E.G. Webster

Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases

edited by Gerald L. Mandell, John E. Bennett and Raphael Dolin

Principles of chemical nomenclature

G.J. Leigh, H.A. Favre and W.V. Metanomski

Privatisation of Co-operatives

Co-operative Federation of Victoria

Problem solving in the public sector ( Reforming the public sector problems & solutions

edited by Colin Clark and David Corbett

Proceedings "New Directions in Health Reform"

Yarran & Baxter

Proceedings 1998 Integrative Medicine Conference

Australian Integrative Medicine Association

Proceedings 2nd National Men's Health Conference

Men's Health Teaching and Research Unit, Curtin University

Progress of nations 1998


Project management

Patrick L. Healy

Psychosocial Effects of Screening for Disease Prevention and Detection

edited by Robert T. Croyle.

Public attitudes to the arts

Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia Council

Public policy and program evaluation

Evert Vedung

Public policy in Australia

Glyn Davis . . .

Public policy: a critical approach

Mark Considine

Public sector ethics : finding and implementing values

edited by Charles Sampford and Noel Preston with C-A Bois

Public sector management in Aust

Ciaran O'Faircheallaigh, John Wanna, Patrick Weller

Public services for the future: modernisation, reform, accountability.

Chief Secretary of the Treasury (UK)

Putting Children First : Visions for a Brighter Future for Young Children and Their Families

edited by Elizabeth J. Erwin

Putting Families First : America's Family Support Movement and the Challenge of Change

Sharon L. Kagan, Bernice Weissbourd, editors

Putting Families First : An Experiment in Family Preservation

John R. Schuerman, Tina L. Rzepnicki and Julia H. Littell

Quality first : better health care for all Americans

President's Commission on Consumer Protection and Quality in the Health Care Industry

Quality of life assessment in clinical trials: Methods and practice

edited by Maurice J. Staquet, Ron D. Hays and Peter M. Fayers

Quantification of chlorinated hydrocarbons in previously collected air sample

E.D. Pellizzari

Quantum leaps: Skills for workplace re-creation

Charlotte Shelton

Real time: Preparing for the age of the never satisfied customer

Regis McKenna

Relative Values

Ed Shaw

Release 2.1 : A Design for Living in the Digital Age

Esther Dyson

Report on Government Services 1999

Steering Committee for the Review of Commonwealth/State Service Provision (Aust)

Requisite organization: a total system for effective management

Elliott Jacques

Research & experimental development

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Research methods in health

Ann Bowling

Resource sharing possibilities and barriers (proceedings 5th interlending & doc supply . . . )

Interlending and Document Supply International Conference

Respite care—a system in crisis

Community Services Commission (NSW)

Responsible managers get results

Gerald W. Faust, Richard I. Lyles, Will Phillips

Results-Based leadership

Dave Ulrich, Jack Zenger, Norm Smallwood

Revved up the psychostimulant use and reckless or violent behaviour study

Wendy Loxley and Jude Bevan

Rise of the knowledge worker

James W. Cortada {ed.}

Risk assessment and risk management

edited by: M.A. Mehlman and Steven D. Lutkenhoff

Running Microsoft Access 97

John L. Viescas

Rural and remote area aged care: an international annotated bibliography

Edited by Anske Robinson

Rural and remote Australia: health for all by the year 2000

National Rural Health Alliance

Rural public health in Australia 1997

National Rural Health Alliance

Science and Judgment in Risk Assessment

Committee on Risk Assessment of Hazardous Air Pollutants (USA)

Secret men's business

John Marsden

Secrets of successful step-families

Sue Hart-Byers

Secrets of the rainmaker

Chin-Ning Chu

Selected papers from three child development conferences

edited by Shirley R. Wyver, Toni G. Cross and George Lewis

Self-rated health

Jakob Bue Bjorner ..{et al.}

Sexual assault project

Family Planning Victoria (Vic)

Shadow child: a memoir of the stolen generation

Rosalie Fraser

Shared Services Co-operatives for Community Agencies

Co-operative Federation of Victoria

Sharing science : a Swedish program for public dialogue on science

The Swedish Council for Planning and Coordination of Research


Edward de Bono

Slow down, take a deep breath and relax

Leila Henderson

Social Care Co-operatives

Co-operative Federation of Victoria

Social inequalities in coronary heart disease

editor: Imogen Sharp

Sorting it out : an investigation into the needs and experiences of Tasmanians in financial crisis

Robyn Wolstenholme

South Australia's young people

Peter Gardner and Toni Flynn

Spirited leading and learning: process wisdom for the new age

Peter B. Vaill

Standard economic sector classifications of Australia (SESCA)

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Standards in action: practice requirements and guidelines for services funded under the Disability Services Act

NSW Ageing and Disability Dept.

Statistical methods in medical research

P. Armitage and G. Berry

Statistics & Experimental Design For Toxicologists 3rd Ed + Disk

Shayne C. Gad

Step by step Word 97 visual basic

Michael Halverson and Chris Kinata

Straight from the CEO

G. William Dauphinais and Colin Price (editors)

Strategic planning for nonprofit organizations

Michael Allison, Jude Kaye

Strategic planning workbook for non-profit organisations

Bryan W. Barry

Strategically Integrated HRD: Partnering to maximize organizational performance

Jerry W. Gilley and Ann Maycunich

Stretched to the limit

Queensland Child Care Coalition

Stress in social work

edited by Richard Davies

Successful project management in a week

Mark Brown

Suicidal behaviours in adolescents and adults

Christopher Bagley, Richard Ramsay

Supercouple syndrome: How overworked couples can beat stress together

Wayne M. Sotile, Mary O. Sotile

Superior teams : what they are and how to develop them

Dennis C. Kinlaw

Supervising for success

Tony Mogila

Supporting Work Team Effectiveness

Eric Sundstrom and Associates

Survey methods in community medicine

J.H. Abramson

Sweaty palms : the neglected art of being interviewed

H. Anthony Medley

Systematic Reviews : Synthesis of Best Evidence for Health Care Decisions

edited by Cynthia Mulrow and Deborah Cook

Teach yourself Adobe PhotoShop 5 in 24 hours

Carla Rose

Teaching ethics and values in public administration programs

edited by James S. Bowman and Donald C. Menzel

Technostress: coping with technology @ work @ home @ play

Michelle M. Weil, Larry D. Rosen

The 10 natural laws of successful time & life management

Hyrum W. Smith

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People : Restoring the Character Ethic

Stephen R. Covey

The Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Information Plan

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Welfare Information Unit.

The adult learner

Malcolm S. Knowles, Elwood F. Holton, Richard A. Swanson

The agrochemical and pesticide safety handbook

Michael F. Waxman

The AIDS crisis

edited by Douglas A. Feldman and Julia Wang Miller

The argument culture : moving from debate to dialogue

Deborah Tannen

The art of the long view

Peter Schwartz

The Australian family: images and essays

edited by Anna Epstein

The Banality of Evil : Hannah Arendt and `the Final Solution

Bernard J. Bergen

The benefits & costs of good child care

Gordon Cleveland and Michael Krashinsky

The big picture

Mental Health Foundation

The bulletproof executive

Peter Stephenson

The Busselton study

edited by Timothy A. Welborn

The challenge of health care leadership : executive strategies for managing responsible change

Earl A. Simendinger

The Contracting Organisation a strategic guide to outsourcing

Simon Domberger

The Co-operative Model

Co-operative Federation of Victoria

The Corporate Fool

David Firth and Alan Leigh

The creativity toolkit

H. James Harrington, Glen D. Hoffherr, Robert P. Reid

The dance of change

Peter Senge . . . {et al.}

The DCHS review—a case study in organisational review

University of Tasmania. Centre for Public Management and Policy

The death and life of great American cities

Jane Jacobs

The double life of the family: myth, hope and experience

Michael Bittman and Jocelyn Pixley

The economics of Australian health policy

edited by Gavin Mooney and Richard Scotton

The Economics of Health Reconsidered

Thomas Rice

The e-myth manager : why management doesn't work and what to do about it

Michael E. Gerber

The encyclopedia of medicinal plants

Andrew Chevallier

The family in question

Stein Ringen

The gap project : psychosocial rehabilitation investigation

SANE Australia

The General surgery workforce in Australia: supply and requirements 1996-2007

Australian Medical Workforce Advisory Committee

The Genetics Resource Book

Royal North Shore Hospital. Genetics Education Program of NSW

The Geriatric medicine workforce in Australia: supply and requirements 1996-2007

Australian Medical Workforce Advisory Committee

The greatest benefit to mankind : a medical history of humanity from antiquity to the present

Roy Porter

The guru guide: the best ideas of the top management thinkers

Joseph H. Boyett and Jimmie T. Boyett

The health of the nation : a policy assessed

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

The heart of Long-term Care

Rosalie A. Kane, Robert L. Kane, Richard C. Ladd

The home office solution: How to work at home and have a

Alice Bredin

The `how to' guide for managers

John & Shirley Payne

The human costs of managerialism : advocating the recovery of humanity

edited by Stuart Rees and Gordon Rodley

The human equation

Jeffrey Pfeffer

The Illness Narratives : Suffering, Healing, and the Human Condition

Arthur Kleinman

The last mortal generation

Damien Broderick

The leader's handbook: Making things happen; getting things done

Peter R. Scholtes

The leader's handbook: Making things happen; getting things done

Peter R. Scholtes

The leadership engine: Winning companies build leaders at every

Noel M. Tichy with Eli Cohen

The loose coupling of jobs

Nancy DiTomaso

The manager as coach and mentor

Eric Parsloe

The Merck manual of medical information: Home edition

Robert Berkow, editor in chief

The moral commonwealth: Social theory and the promise of community

Philip Selznick

The National Aids Strategy 1997

White House

The negotiator's handbook

John Mulder

The nine myths of aging: maximizing the quality of later life

Douglas H. Powell

The origins of cultural differences and their impact on management

Jack Scarborough

The performance improvement cycle: guidance for managers

Department of Finance and Administration

The personal efficiency program: How to get organised to do more work in less time

Kerry Gleeson

The playful self: why women need play in their lives

Rebecca Abrams

The Politics Of Fat: Food & Nutrition Policy In America

Laura S. Sims

The politics of health : the Australian experience

Heather Gardner

The prevalence in the past year of substance use and ICD-10 substance use disorders in Australian adults

Wayne Hall . . .

The quality in customer service package

Dept. of Industry, Science and Tourism. Management Advisory Board

The Quest for Excellence

Richard Best . . . {et al.}

The responsible administrator

Terry L. Cooper

The seven spiritual laws of success

Deepak Chopra

The social context of health

Michael Hardey

The sociology of social problems: theoretical perspectives and methods of intervention

Adam Jamrozik and Luisa Nocella

The Spice Islands Voyage : The Quest for Alfred Wallace, the man who shared Darwin's discovery of evolution

Tim Severin

The Stakeholder Corporation : The Body Shop : Blueprint for Maximizing Stakeholder Value

David Wheeler and Maria Sillanpaa

The state and the family: A comparative analysis

Anne Helene Gauthier

The Story Behind the Numbers: A Guide to Using Population Statistics

Dept. of Infrastructure (Vic)

The strategic human resource leader

William J. Rothwell, Robert K. Prescott, Maria W. Taylor

The strategic management of intellectual capital

David A. Klein

The sustainable corporation : organisational renewal in Australia

Dexter Dunphy and Andrew Griffiths

The tasks of medicine: an ideology of care

Peter Baume

The team leader's idea-a-day guide

Susan Fowler Woodring and Drea Zigarmi

The Temporary Society

Warren Bennis, Philip Slater

The Three Rs of Performance

Steve Montague

The trouble with medicine

Merrilyn Walton

The UK breast screening programme : local organisation and delivery

Karen Gerard . . . {et al.}

The unconscious civilization

John Ralston Saul

The unified Modeling Language User Guide

Grady Booch, James Rumbaugh, Ivar Jacobson

The value enterprise

John Donovan, Richard Tullly, Brent Wortman

The virility solution

Steven Lamm and Gerald Secor Couzens

The witch doctors: making sense of management gurus

John Micklethwait & Adrian Wooldridge

The working parents' handbook : how to succeed at work, raise your kids, maintain a home, and still have time for you

Katherine Murray

Theory in a nutshell: a practitioners guide to commonly used

Don Nutbeam and Elizabeth Harris

Till death us do part

Elizabeth Horvath Mobayad

Too much medicine?: the business of health and its risks for you

Ray Moynihan

Toxic plants and other natural toxicants

edited by Tam Garland and A. Catherine Barr

Trends in opioid overdose mortality in young Australians (Technical Report 67)

W. Hall, L. Degenhardt & M. Lynskey

Triazine Herbicides : Risk Assessment

Larry G. Ballantine, Janis E. McFarland, Dennis S. Hackett

Tricks of the trade: how to think about your research while you're doing it

Howard S. Becker

Understanding ethics

Noel Preston

Understanding health policy

Thomas S. Bedenheimer, Kevin Grumbach

Understanding the ICD 10 classification of mental disorders : A pocket reference

N. Sartorius

Uninformed consent

Hal. A. Huggins & Thomas E. Levy

Unintentional adult eye injuries in Victoria

Anita L. Imberger, Anne E. Altmann, Wendy Watson

Unintentional machinery injury on farms in Victoria

Lesley Day and Alicia McGrath

Unmasking administrative evil

Guy B. Adams and Danny L. Balfour

Unzipped: everything teenagers want to know about love, sex and each other

Bronwyn Donaghy

Usability inspection methods

edited by Jakob Nielsen and Robert L. Mack

Violence in gay and lesbian domestic partnerships

Claire M. Renzetti and Charles Harvey Miley

Virtual teams: reaching across space, time and organizations with technology

Jessica Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps

Vision 2010 : families & health care

series editor Sharon Price; Barbara Elliott, issue editor

Wasting away: The undermining of Canada's health care system

Pat Armstrong, Hugh Armstrong

We are all living with HIV: how to set policies and guidelines for the workplace

Earl C. Pike

Wellsprings of knowledge

Dorothy Leonard

What color is your parachute 1999

Richard Nelson Bolles

What happened when they were grown up? : outcomes from parenting experiences

Ann Buchanan and JoAnn Ten Brinke

What price competition??

House of Representatives Standing Committee on Family and Community Affairs

What you can learn from 100 years of management science

David Stauffer

Who's bringing up baby

Dr Gay Ochiltree

Why change doesn't work

Harvey Robbins & Michael Finley

Win that job

Paul Stevens

With Respect to Old Age

Great Britain. Royal Commission on Long Term Care

Women from Ethnic Minority Communities

David White, Keith Phillips, Amina Minns

Women of substance

Sue Jackson, Gael Wallace

World according to Drucker

Jack Beatty

World Employment Report 1998-99 Employability in the Global Economy—- How Training Matters

International Labour

World health and world politics: the World Health Organization

Javed Siddiqi

World tobacco trends 1998

NTC Publications

Writing Resumes That Work

Robert R. Newlen

You are more than your job : making a living vs. making a life

Earl Harrison

Young adult women, work and family

Ian Procter & Maureen Padfield

Young Injecting Drug Users & the Risk of HIV/Aids

Wendy Loxley

Your guide to understanding and managing stress

Barry J. Evans, Greg J. Coman, Graham D. Burrows


S.R. Palmer, Lord Soulsby, and D.I.H. Simpson