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Thursday, 25 June 1998
Page: 5426

Mr HOLDING —I direct my question to the Prime Minister. Prime Minister, why do you on the one hand tell the voters in the leafy suburbs of Bennelong that you will be putting One Nation last while you collude to let the Western Australian branch of the Liberal Party and your National Party partners preference One Nation ahead of the ALP? Isn't this a deliberate strategy that can only lay the foundations for electing more One Nation MPs to the Australian parliament?

Mr HOWARD (Prime Minister) —There is no such collusion. The situation regarding the decision on Liberal Party preferences is well known. As you sit next to the National President of the Labor Party in this chamber, you would be aware that each party has its own internal structures and cultures in relation to such matters as preselection. This will be determined by the party organisation in accordance with that. So far as the election of One Nation candidates is concerned, I am opposed to the election of any candidates other than Liberal and National Party ones.