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Thursday, 25 June 1998
Page: 5425

Mr BRERETON —My question is to the Prime Minister. Prime Minister, do you agree with your major projects facilitator and strategic investment coordinator, Mr Bob Mansfield, who says that he would think twice about investing in Queensland after the emergence of One Nation there and that `the outcome of what we are facing right now is making Australia less governable'? Given that Labor has ruled out any form of political arrangement with One Nation, isn't your refusal to take the same unequivocal stand causing the instability which Mr Mansfield is rightly concerned about? Prime Minister, why haven't you got the leadership to tell all in your party and your coalition partners that they must put One Nation last in the coming election?

Mr HOWARD (Prime Minister) —It is very interesting that the member for Kingsford-Smith should refer to Mr Mansfield's speech, because one of the areas of instability to which Mr Mansfield referred in his speech was the obstructive tactics of the opposition in the Senate. Many Australians find it very strange that a government with a majority of 44 in the House of Representatives should be prevented, through the obstructive, negative tactics of the Labor Party, the Australian Democrats and the Australian Greens, from passing very important government legislation.

I have made it very clear in the past and I make it clear again: as leader of the Liberal Party and as Prime Minister, I will be in coalition with only one party, and that is the National Party of Australia. I am very proud of the association that my party has with the National Party. We have brought quality government to this country, as we have done to various states. Over the days ahead, as the implications of the Queensland election sink in, many people who voted for the One Nation Party will say to themselves, `We didn't really intend to elect a Labor government and perhaps we'll think again.'